CGE Joint Occupation Zone

Population (Civilian)


Military Presence



Under Construction, nearing completion



Colony Type

Capital World

Stand for Arstotzka Edit

Zarek is the first established Andromedan settlement for the Central Galactic Empire. Thanks to the military support of the Imperial Expeditionary force the planet was settled and explored without serious injuries and mining and heavy scientific research has begun.

Climate/Terrain Edit

Zarek is known for its extreme mountain areas and flat rolling plains under them. Perfect for military weapons testing and mining to make the planet worth while for the CGE. Zarek's climate is somewhat normal with the occasional blizzard during its moderate winters. Zarek is also home to 3 large oceans for wet navy exercises and off shore mining.

Civilian Infrastructure Edit

As Exon expressed its concerns about widespread colonization. The planet in case of an early attack before the planet could be deemed to stand up on its own, cities and towns are widespread and kept relatively small except for the planet's and the CGE Andromedan capital Arstotzka.

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