Zant 2

Zant, Usurper king

Zant is the former ruler of the Twilight realm. Nothing was known of him or his realm, nor was anyone even aware of their existence. The first time they were ever encountered was during the invasion of the world, when an army of shadow creatures was released via portals from the Twilight realm. This army was somehow summoned over a lake by Midna, Danno-048's current form. Apparently, Midna was then sent back into the Twilight realm, and the entire planet was covered in Darkness.

Since then, Danno has not been seen since... but a Ghostlike Skeletal warrior has guided Marquis, Stacker, Evo, Blair, and Helenna to the Twilight realm, where Zant's co
Zant 3

Zant during the first invasion

Zant unmasked

Zant unmasked

ntrol center was. He has only been seen in the "Light world" once since the first invasion: He summoned forth his initial army of shadow creatures, but when they fell to the group, He used his magic to create a skeletal army of undead creatures, lead by a giant skeletal Dragon-like creature dubbed "Stallord." He then returned to the Twilight realm, only for the creature and it's army to be destroyed by Marquis's group.

Recently, the Ghost skeleton, called the "Hero's Shade", has lead the group to the Twilight realm. The group, assisted by Mercer, made their way through the palace of Twilight to Zant's throne room, and a furious battle ensued... however, the group was unable to rescue Danno or defeat Zant. The group has since returned to their world to recover from the magic- enthralled battle...

When the group invades the Twilight realm again, they discover the Shadow creatures of Zant's army were really the Denziens of the Twilight realm turned into monsters. The group, consisting of Marquis,Yoko, Evo, Grif, Rtas 'Chavam, Mikau, and Draphi restored the necessary light there and cured the monster curse, then finding a possessed Midna. When they restored her, they all stormed the throne room, where Zant was waiting for them. After telling them the origin of his power, he fought a ferocious battle with them, but was ultimately defeated when the group removed his magic powers, and was killed when Midna used the Fused shadow to impale him.