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Ynni, Magic archer of charity


Ynni during a rare pink Moon

Ynni is a young archer, formerly a member of The Sand Deity's Hand. However, she has joined Marquis and the others in their adventures.

She has the natural ability to sense whenever violence is taking place nearby. Along with this, Ynni is developing some magical powers that are young and take up a lot of energy. However, her most basic, and easiest to use, is to fire energy arrows from her bow that not only do more damage than regular arrows, but have the ability to change the emotions of the target it hits.

She had began training Danno in archery, as he had obsessed over Hawkeye from the Avengers. He had done like most beginners do; he was not great, but he was learning.

One thing about Ynni is that she does not like it when someone takes life for granted, or when someone teases another person's ability. She goes crazy mad when someone regards Death as a minor thing, or tries to escape the sorrow by leaving their world behind.

Ynni has a small array of abilities, but quite an array it is. The most obvious is her skill with Archery, and the great Magical powers she possesses. She primarily utilizes magic in her arrows, but she is known to feel the emotions of those around her, and can sense when someone is in great pain. It might have some direct connection to her powers; When people a

Ynni in her Night-Gown

re happy and courageous, she becomes more powerful in spirit as well. But when someone is terribly hurt in body or in heart, she not only is weakened magically, but it seems she feels the pain as well. This effect is amplified if she has any friendly connections with them.

Ynni shifting into Llid

Her Hunan Mewlnol, or "Inner self", is a crazy, psychopathic girl who, unlike Ynni, gets stronger from pain and suffering, and could be weakened by happiness. Her name in this form is Llid.

Ynni helped Tenks out shortly after his death in a journey to find purpose and build strength to be a true Saiyan. Somewhere on their journey Ynni turned into Llid and fought Tenks to test him. 

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