Yelena Belova


February 28, 25XX




Black Widow




Enhanced Human

Hair Color


Eye Color


History Edit

Born Yelena Mariya Belova on February 28, 25XX, she was raised by two female parents on Exon. She grew up going against the culture of her homeworld, not wanting to be a "controlled monstrosity". However, by young adult age, she resented her past wrongdoings and began to follow the Exon lifestyle. Around this time, she left to explore the universe. Learning the arts of ballet and training under Sasha Leinska, a Russian spy in exile, Yelena became a spy. She learned the location of a single vial of the Super Soldier serum, which would make her equal of that to the Black Widow.


Equipment Edit

Black Widow Gauntlets- An exact copy of the Widow's Bite, it portrays like the original

Night-Vision Goggles: Yelena's signature look for distinguishing herself from Romanoff.

Abilities Edit

Super Soldier Serum- A hidden vial of the serum was stumbled upon by Belova and injected herself with it, giving her the same attributes that of Romanoff

Master Assassin- Dangerous, skillful, and cunning: a few adjectives that describe Yelena's skills as an assassin

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