YMS-15SS Gyan


  • Bandai
  • Customized by Susumu


Custom Gunpla


Susumu Sazaki


19.9 centimetres ( 19.9 meters in Gunpla Battle)


68.6 metric tons (In Gunpla Battle)


Refined Plastic

Developed From

YMS-15 Gyan

The YMS-15SS Gyan was the custom Gunpla built and operated by Susumu Sazaki.

Technology and Combat Characteristics Edit

The YMS-15SS Gyan is based off the YMS-15 Gyan and this shares many of its characteristics, though unlike the original Gyan which was solely close combat, the 15SS Gyan has been customized to use long range weaponry. It wields a large circular shield which stores needle missiles and space mines.


  • Beam Rifle
Sazaki has equipped his customized Gyan with a beam rifle for improved ranged combat capability. The rifle appears to be based off the ones used by the GAT-04 Windam.
  • Beam Sword
The primary melee weapon of the YMS-15SS Gyan is a high output beam saber that is modelled after a medieval knight's sword.
  • Missile Shield
The Gyan is equipped with a large circular shield that is capable of defending it from Gunpla beam weapons. The shield also doubles as a support weapon that is capable of firing small missiles or deploying space mines. Sazaki has modified this shield with a wire to spin and launch it like a yo-yo.
  • Needle Missile
The shield of the YMS-15SS Gyan mounts 60 small missile launchers. Though individually not very powerful, these missiles are deadly when fired in massed volleys. These were not intended for long range combat, instead they serve more as a mid to close range ranged weapon.
  • Hide Bomb/Space Mine
A space version of the aged old Naval mine. It freely floats around in space, damaging any Mobile Suit that come near them.


The YMS-15SS Gyan has been used by Susumu for years and he considers it the best Gunpla on the planet despite it losing a and full of times to Flit. In its most recent battle it was beaten again by Flit's R-Blade and Susumu swore he'd build a stronger Gunpla to beat him with.


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