YF-26 Seraphim


Grunder Industries


Prototype ESPER-Optimized Heavy Combat VF


3rd Generation


UCR Navy


  • Length: 18.8 Meters (Fighter mode)
  • Wingspan: 14.57 Meters (Fighter mode)
  • Height:14.43 Meters


Energy Converting Armor Mk.IV


Pin Point Barrier Mk.V

Developed From


Known Pilots

 Grunder Industries YF-26 Seraphim was a prototype variable fighter developed for the UCR Navy's Experimental Combat ESPER Squadron (SVX-0). At least six units were produced and deployed to the Andromeda Front in late 2574, one being flown by Kari with the Ancile 4 A.I.

Technologies and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Build with the most advanced technologies disposable at the time, the YF-26 Seraphim was tailor made for the exclusive use of UCR Esper pilots. One of the new systems developed for the YF-26 is the Psycommu Combat System, an evolution of the BDI system used on the YF-23. Like the BDI, the PCS main function is to  link the pilots mind directly to the control system of the fighter, givng the pilot a greater degree of precise control over the aircraft. The PCS' secondary function is the direct cause for the "Prafka Effect", a phenomenon where an Esper's power reaches their zenith, manifesting in a cloud of psychic energy around the fighter. 

Additionally, the YF-26 was built with firepower and high performance in mind. For these reasons, the fighter was armed with the powerful BGP-02α Beam Gun Pod, a weapon capable of taking down most heavily armored enemy aircraft with a charged shot, and the YF-23's Internia Vector Control System that protected the pilot from high g forces for intervals of 10 seconds.


  • 1 x BGP-02α 75mm Beam Gun Pod
  • 2 x ES-25A 25mm high-speed beam machine guns
  • 1 x 25mm Beam head gun
  • 2 x BML-04B Internal Micro-Missile Launchers/25 missiles each
  • 1 x KarBar AK/VF-M9F Assault Knife

Equipment and FeaturesEdit

  • 2 x FF-2450B thermonuclear reaction engines
  • Inertia Vector Control System
  • Tactical Life Support System
  • AA/AS/SF-05 Unified Sensor Matrix
  • 1 x Anti-Projectile Shield
  • 1 x Disposable Fold Booster
  • Goblin I FAST Pack
    • 1 x QF-5100A Goblin Booster Weapon System
    • 2 x BML-05A Micro Missile Launchers/45 Missiles Each
    • Armored Protection Units on legs and shoulders




  • VF-26 Cherub: Limited Production version built for Non-Esper pilots. 58 produced.