Evo, Juli, Crossbone (former)


Crossbone Vanguard





Power Source

Forerunner Reactor

The XM-X1 Kai is upgrade on the initial prototype Gundam used by Evo. The XM-X1K is suited for planets with high gravitational pull, thus the thrusters are much larger and powerful. Its extra thrusters are shaped in an X allowing thrust in 4 directions. This Mobile Suit is integrated with a new GN Drive, replacing the AMBAC, furthering its speed. The XM-X1 has an anti-beam coat making beam weaponry much more uneffective. It has been used in numerous battles over 30+ years.

Gen 2Edit

As of the 2570s the Crossbone Vanguard has developed the XM-X2 Crossbone Kai series, a modernized improved "mass produced" version of the X1, with 12 produced. It was heavily damaged while Juli piloted it and is currently being repaired at a Naval yard in Mars. In 2575 it was finally repaired after two years of sitting in a warehouse since the Mobile Suit was typically repaired by UCR engineers and the UNSC did not have the required parts for the Mobile Suit. At one point it could have transformed into a plane but that waslater dropped. A coat of paint and minor tweaks to performance as well as a new cloak that serves in place of a physical shield.



  • 30mm Vampr 8x
  • Heat Dagger- Thermal heated blades, melt armor on impact. 
  • Scissor Anchor- Long chain grips held in skirt armor. Forms the wings in fighter mode. (4) 
  • Energy shield- A shield that has an energy emitters that take the enemy attacks before the energy is drained and strikes are dealt to the shield itself
  • Plasma Zanber- Modified saber, its energy being plasma rather than beam, capable of cutting through battleship plating. 
  • Twin railguns mounted on the chest


  • Anti-Beam Cloak- cloth with coating against beam weaponry.
  • Dummy launcher-Decoys used to confuse enemies. Projects holographic XM-X1's.
  • GN Overdrive-Boasts the unit to incredible speeds and strength beyond general MS and human response times.


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