Wraith Stunner
The Wraith Stunner is a handheld pistol-like weapon used by the Wraith. Having been upgraded many times as they encountered other races, the weapon now works on nearly all known lifeforms, rendering them unconscious usually within the first shot. The weapon also works extremely well against energy shielding, able to deplete a Spartan's shield with a single shot. Stunner blasts also tend to have detrimental effects on electronics as well, though the damage is usually temporary. Despite its strength, the weapon is non-lethal in regular use, due to the Wraith needing to feed upon their victims while they're still alive.

Despite being very common among the Wraith, few individuals outside the Wraith use them. Aside from the fact that Wraith attacks tend to leave few survivors, the appearance and texture of the weapon, along with the history and memories behind the weapon, tend to be reason why. Gavin Free was given one by Dexter Grif to use, due to the fact that Gavin couldn't accidentally kill anyone with it.

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