"They filled the sky in a swarm unlike anything we'd ever seen before. And then we heard the ear-splitting screech. The noise that became synonymous with our loved ones disappearing before our eyes. That sound never leaves you... every time I close my eyes I can still hear it."
— A survivor of a Wraith attack.
Wraith Darts are semi-organic fighters used by the Wraith. They are primarily launched by Wraith Hive Ships and Cruisers, though are occasionally launched from ground bases. They are equipped with a fairly powerful front-firing energy weapon, although direct combat is only their secondary function. Instead, their main function is to transport victims into a stasis-storage with the transporting beam on the bottom of the fighter. Due to the nature of the transporter and its linked stasis-storage, the Dart's pilot must catch the potential victim in the energy beam in order to transport it. This beam, however, is capable of penetrating most materials, and can punch through common anti-transport/teleport jamming. The transport beam is generally configured to pick up victims, leaving the surrounding matter alone. However, the beam can be reconfigured by the pilot to pick up other things as well. A Wraith Dart's pilot will form a mental link with the fighter via organic similarities, making it very difficult for other races to control them.

Wraith Darts have become a symbol of fear during and after the Wraith Invasion. The screeching noise they make is reported to haunt survivors of Wraith attacks. Furthermore, the sight of swarms of these fighters filling the sky and taking away loved ones and friends caused severe emotional trauma in many witnesses.

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