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  • Unknown Organisation
  • UCR (formally)


Larger Pistol

Wolfgang von Strucker is a former military scientists who vent rouge and now works for an unknown organisation.


Wolfgang is a man of science above all things, he cares not for the lives in his peers if it means getting closer to his grand goal. He is very intelligent and is capable of creating grand schemes within minutes, however he can become easily frustrated around those who he feels are dumber than him and has to take out his frustration out sometimes.


Early HistoryEdit

Much of Wolfgang's early history is unknown and it almost seems as he appeared from nowhere, but it is known he is german due to his thick accent. However eventually Wolfgang became a member of the UCR's science division and was one of the leading scientists for a long time until he was eventually fired after they discovered he was experimenting on live subjects without authorized permission. While working there Wonfgang met a young scientist called Basil Karlo who left the UCR with Wolfgang after learning about Wolfgang's cause.

The Deadly TrialEdit

After years of work and close run in with the law the two eventually came under the watch of S.W.O.R.D. Wolfgang and Basil used the funds they earned from building weapons and computers for organizations and started buying equipment and deadly chemicals which were delivered to a warehouse in a city on the planet of Nordland. Their goal was to turn the chemicals into a deadly gas which would spread across the city, killing everyone and apparently only leaving the "intelligent and prosperous" alive. However this was put to and end when the reserve Avenger, Kido Shinji arrived at their warehouse. After several attempt to kill Kido and his summon Dragreder Wolfgang started to lose his tempter and started to shoot at Kido, not caring if his assistant got hit. This caused Kido to push Basil out of the way who fell over the railing and into the vat of chemicals before it was set alight by Dragreder after Kido figured out a way to stop their plan. Using this to his advantage, Wolfgang tackled Kido and started to beat him to a pulp before Kido used his sword magic to save his own life. This move cut off Wolfgang's right hand and Kido managed to knock the scientist out.

Later Kido pulled Wolfgang out of the burning building and awaited the fire department and S.W.O.R.D to arrive. When they did Wolfgang was taken into custody and is now being kept in a high security prison.