Wight Self-Propelled Artillery


Hannibal Weapon Systems


Heavy Artillery


  • UNSC Army
  • UNSC Marine Corps
  • UNSC Navy


  • 24 meters tall



The Wight Artillery Platform is a heavy artillery mechanized unit designed to support ground forces. It utilizes a unit similar the HRUNTING Mark II[D] but significantly larger.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Wight is a large mech strapped with four 47cm railguns used for the role of heavy field support. It is capable of firing anything from conventional munitions to plasma. Its two arm units contain some defensive guns and missiles. Initially designed for the Army for use against Exon tanks it has also been adopted by the Marines and Navy as a counter to the UCR's Destroids. Like its enemy counterpart it is particularly cumbersome and is best used if immobile. To move it can walk slowly or use four thrusters to move side to side abruptly.


  • 4x 470mm Railguns
  • 8x 20 missiles
  • 8x 40mm chainguns (Arms)
  • 2x GAU-53 70mm autocannon (nose)

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