• Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Vilgi System

Known Locations

  • Icrosa
  • Lillyford
  • Bastow
  • Fence

Known Residents

  • Blade
  • Kari
  • Purple Heart

Orbital Bodies

  • Celina
  • Jana
 Wellow is a UCR Colony in the Scutum-Centaurus arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It is home of the Cross-Galactic portal known as the Passageway, which links the Milky Way Galaxy to the Andromeda Galaxy.


Wellow was colonized by the UCR in early 2553.

Three Month WarEdit

During the three month war, AWWNB forces attacked Wellow and attempted to drop an empty Space Colony on the Passageway. However, the assault was foiled when an Island Class used it's main gun to destroy the huge station, though some areas around the passageway sustained heavy damage due to the falling debris.


During the UCR-UNSC War, the UNSC were planning an attack on the planet, though the sudden attack on Earth by Exon, CMF, GoH, and UCR brought an end to the threat of invasion.

Kaiju Attacks on UCR WorldsEdit

Following the increase attacks on UCR Worlds, Wellow became the new capital of the UCR in the Milky way instead of Eden, due to the large military presence on and off the planet.

Wild lifeEdit

  • Coweli: The Coweli are a species of large, mammalian-like hooved herbivores that can be found in most of Wellow's steppe regions. The Coweli travel in herds, ranging from 50 to 200 individuals. They're raised as livestock for meat and various dairy products.
  • Mevut: The Mevut is a species of carnivourus feline-like mammals found across in mainly steppe regions. The average adult Mevut have a length of 1.4 to 1.8 meters while having a height of 32 inches at the shoulder. They are known to be territorial and fierecely protective of their young. Their prey of choice are the large Coweli, and often work in tandem with each other to take down their prey.
  • Vustrisa: Vustrisa are a species of common birds found in all corners of Wellow, with the exception of the artic regions. They have an omnivorus diet.
  • Macatee: Macatee are a species of hyena sized omnivours found mostly in the forested areas of the mid-western parts of the planet. Like the Mevut, they hunt in packs to take down larger prey.
  • Squixi: The Squixi is a family of small reptiles found in all areas of the planet with the exception of the colder regions. They are known to prey on the eggs and young of the Vustrisa.They are hunted by small mammals and birds of prey, such as Vorach.


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