Wei Ning

Date of Birth

July 10, 2560



Hair Color


Eye Color





Lieutenant (JG)

Wei Ning is a Guardian commando of the UEG. She is the leader of Prisma Team.


Lets her fist do the talking. Thanks. Do not attempt to receive hug. 


Wei Ning was born in the Hestia System and lived on the formerly glassed colony of Miridem. Her parents were deglassers who worked to make the planet hospitable again following the aforementioned glassing. The colony's governing AI went rampant and awoke Forerunner machines that promptly killed off most of the planets inhabitants including Wei's parents which awoke her abilities. She was found alive and taken off the planet to an Inner colony. After some medical tests were done to make sure Wei was fine the doctors found something strange which led to an incident where a person was set on fire. Several ONI agents disgusied as the police took her to become part of a supersoldier program. 


During the Battle of Earth Wei Ning and her team boarded an enemy cruiser, eliminating her crew and briefly used it to engage the invading forces.

TRM uprisingEdit

Prisma was deployed to the Miridem colonies to eliminate important nobles to simplify the transition to CGE occupation and to silence a traitor.

Elrios discoveryEdit

Counter TerrorismEdit

After Kepler Base was attacked by some enhanced freaks the UEG Security Services and UNSCDF teamed up to find who did it. This included the members of Prisma and augumented agents of the UEGSS.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Solar Strike - Adds an fire-explosion boost to her punches.
  • Flare - Ability created projectiles that blind and explode on impact.
    • Solar Storm - Projectile that push/pulls a target into their last incinerating moments.
  • Ambiance - Manipulation of the temperature to hide heat signature.


  • Custom Guardian Combat System
    • Gravity Gauntlets
  • "Wolf Spider" (Primary 12.7x99mm rifle)
  • "Hydra" (Secondary modular railgun system)
  • M6D-8 (Magnum with tracking projectiles)
  • Light sword
  • Velumbra type racing Sparrow