Pavlov Cherdenko, the legendary tank commandant.


The "Warthunder" is a nickname for the Apocalypse Tank commandeered by ERA legend Pavlov Cherdenko. This armor ace has led the Third Shock Army in nearly every battle the 3rd took part in. The Warthunder is just like any other MK. I Apocalypse tank except with a highly expeirenced crew and a modified interior for carrying more ammunition safely. The Warthunder, or simply known on Venezia as "the hammer", is currently 13 years old. The Warthunder's sister tank goes by the nickname "Hot Box" with 345 kills.


The current kill marker victory for the warthunder is 683 victories against just enemy armored units. As well as 1 air to air victory, making them the first armored tank unit in known history to score a kill in air versus an enemy flyer.


The Warthunder crew is currently celebrating a curb stomp victory over Corneria as well as getting much needed rest after spending 3 days straight without rest.


Loaders - 2 Sangheili who go simply by the names Artyom and Alexei

Commandant -  Pavlov Cherdenko

Driver -  Dimitri "Dima"

Coaxial Gunner/engineer -  

Radio Operator/Cheif Engineer/Intel officer - Edward "Yokel" Yoken. 


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