CMF Warlocks
CMF Warlocks
"Sunsinger" and "Voidwalker" Warlocks, respectively


CMF High Command


  • 2576 (Conceived)
  • 2577 (Officially)


Soul-Force Special Operations


  • Sunsinger
  • Voidwalker

Notable Members

  • Osiris The Exiled (Sunsinger)
  • Toland The Shattered (Voidwalker)





Sub-Classes & AbilitiesEdit

Sunsinger: Sunsinger Warlocks have soul affinity types regarding control the heat spectrum, specifically the more common control of the high energy end. Skills widely known among Sunsingers include, but are not limited to:

  • (WIP)

Voidwalker: Voidwalker Warlocks have soul affinity types regarding the manipulation of Void energies (gravitational and dark energies with a touch of magnetic influence as well, not to be confused with the dimension of the same name). Most Voidwalkers master their abilities in ways which allow them to perform acts such as:

  • (WIP)

Stormcaller: Stormcaller Warlocks possess the ability to manifest their soul's energy in the form of Arc energies (electricity related concepts such as lightning). Common traights and abilities of such Warlocks include:

  • (WIP)

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