Wanda Maximoff


May 10, 2561




Enhanced Human

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Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known to some as the Scarlet Witch, is a student at the Kane Academy for the Enhanced.

Personality Edit

Wanda is very quiet and tends to stray away from the popular crowds. Due to her magic causing her shattered mind, she suffers from major suicidal depression, mental breakdowns, anxiety, and mental illness

History Edit

Wanda was born on May 10, 2551 to an unknown mother and Erik Lehnsherr, along with her twin brother Pietro. After their births, their mother ran off, fearing that she had given birth to monsters. Erik raised the children on his own in a small cottage on the planet of New Angeles. There, the twins powers manifested, with Pietro becoming a speedster and Wanda with those of a witch. However, it caused the young Wanda to experience delusions and madness, leaving her mind fractured and damaged. In the year 2574, Erik deserted the twins, leaving Pietro to look after unstable Wanda. Despite this, Pietro managed to get him and Wanda enrolled into Kane Academy where Wanda learned how to control her powers and relieve some of that depression, but not much.

Present Day Edit

Wanda continues her studies at the Academy, where she has met Ava Orlova there in her first year, and the two have become close friends.

Powers Edit

Chaos Magic- Coined by Wanda herself, her magic allows her to bend and warp reality to her being, but only a very small fraction of her power has been unlocked to the point where she can manipulate objects and people.