Viktor Reznov

"You can run and hide..... you'll just die tired" - Staff Sgt. Reznov

Bad Company: Colonial MarinesEdit

Viktor Reznov is a marine from the Exon Colonial Marines. He is extremely adapt at anything and learns fast. He has over 174 hot drops under his belt (87 with Covenant the rest with xenomorph bug hunts). He doesn't talk much but is good friends with Rtas 'Chavam (otherwise known as Stacker). He helpe with the creation of combat androids.


Reznov III has a proud family background in fighting history they have fought in every war since the Napoleanic wars in Russia. Born outside of Moskow on a farm he knows his guns and trucks. He enjoys cars, gambling, and shooting. He was orphaned and drafted into the SPARTAN III program but escaped before augmentations and despises the UNSC.

Exon Ghost AugmentationsEdit

When he was 32 and still fighting for Exon's freedom he received Exon "Ghost" augmentations which allows its receiver the ability to cloak at will. The armor and skin doesn't emit body heat (meaning he can't be seen by VISR). The armor he wears only emits heat when in a heated area to match the heat. He is one of the few that enjoys this. How they manage to do all this is currently unknown. They also have a new form of cloak far apart from anything the UNSC has ever seen.


A lot of his friends are from the families who died on Acheron Lv-246.

James Hicks- "Close Encounters"

"Willy" Hudson- Rifleman

Pvt. Drake- "Smartgunner"

Pvt. Vasquez- "Smartgunner"

"Hot Head" Weirzbowski- Portable flamethrower

Tip "Doc" Crowe- Medic/rifleman

Rtas 'Chavam- Considered moral support (Having a big guy on the field helps alot)

These people above are part of Whiskey Team. They are the elite of Bad Company and extremely deadly.

Other FriendsEdit

Rezy -2