MiG 74 (S)Edit

With a top speed of 9,750 km/h this double seater has serious zip. Even though through the usage of heavy Titanium armor (to deal with the intense friction and shaking this ship goes through) the venom fighter maintain nearly perfect visual stealth. Making it almost perfect for energy fighting and picking of other ships in chaotic engagments. It has been incorporated with the same stealh technology as the Red Oktober, making these fighters very expensive. 

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The Venom fighter uses dual blue tiberium crystaled fusion reactor engines supplied to Exon by Armiger and Weyland/Yutani industries. The engine however emits large amounts of heat making easy to track on sensors if its by itself, but still visually difficult to maintain or obtain a lock.


The Venom is extremely manuverable but it all hinges on what the pilot can humanly handle. Due to the massive g-force given when banking hard in the venom. Usually pilots need a special suit to combat the fatigue of flying the venom. Pilots have been known to be extremely week after flying several sorties making the Venom a hard craft to constantly crew since only the best are chosen for flying the venom.

Pyschological Warfare Edit

The Venom stealth fighter makes a high pitched and extremely loud whistle/screaming noise when making it's dive runs and a large boom when it punches its engines to climb away from the battlefield. The venom is also equipped with devastating single pass weaponry, capable of turning around an attacking force.


MiG 74 (S) - An incredibly illusive fighter boasting impressive stealth capabilities for its speed. Capable of slightly higher speeds and turn radiuses due to packing less armament.

MiG 74 (A) - The heavier assualt variant that still boasts ridiculous speed for an assault craft. Capable of arming everything capable of being carried under its wings.

MiG 74 (SS) "Night Witch" - The night witch combines the properties of the MiG 74 "S" and "A" variants but with an added bonus... A new Exon designed (thanks to Weyland Yutani) short ranged relocation function known by test pilots as "Blink". Blink allows for fighter users to add manuverability by shaking targeting locks, dogfights, or just putting their fighter in position. Blink essentially bases itself off of PTS drives almost that allows for a cheaper warp to a location still on the battlefield. The Night Witch variant is an extremely dangerous but rare fighter, none have seen combat yet.

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