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Vegeta young





Date of birth

Unknown, Saiyan birth records were lost




123 LBS


Planet Trade Federation (Saiyan Army


King Vegeta = Father

Vegeta, or Prince Vegeta is the Prince to the fallen Saiyan race. He is the son of King Vegeta. Vegeta is regal, egotisical, and full of pride. The perfect example of a Saiyan. He is a ruthless, outright killer. But he had no choice, he was molded into it by Frieza. His life long dream is to become a Super Saiyan and take his place as the Prince of Saiyans.


Vegeta, is a young member of the Saiyan Army under the Planet Trade Federation. He is a Saiyan Elite, meaning he is in the upper ranks and is very skilled and powerful. After his planet being destroyed by a astroid, he went to Eden under a assignment to destroy and take over the planet, but he soon met a human named Itachi, of whom showed him the error of his ways through much conversation and revealed that Vegeta isnt like how he is from choice, that Frieza. His leader, molded him into what he is, by forcing him via threatening to kill his father and entire race. Despite his loyalty, Frieza still killed his father and race. He is now defected and vows to make Frieza pay for his injustice.


Vegeta is a small, lean, fighter. Being only 5'3, including his hair. He has upright jet black hair with a prominent widows peak. He has black eyes and eyebrows along with tannish skin. He wears a blue undersuit with white and yellow armor, along with white gloves and white boots with yellow tips. On his backside, is his tail. Which is normal for a Saiyan, it allows him to transform into a Great Ape and helps with his balance. He mostly keeps it wrapped around his waist like a belt.


Vegeta is normally arrogant, due to his pride, and becomes bitter due to the abuse his race suffered at the hands of Frieza. Following the destruction of his home world, his hatred toward Frieza grows. His royalty seems to have bestowed upon him a inflated sense of superiority, holding himself above nearly everyone he encounters. He is immensely proud of his Saiyan heritage and believes his race to be the most powerful in the universe. But deep down Vegeta is a caring nice person, but his negative qualities overshadow his postives.

Roleplay adventuresEdit

Vegeta vs ItachiEdit

Vegeta met Itachi when he landed on Eden, he targeted Itachi as his first victim. As Itachi attempted to turn him away from the fight, Vegeta attacked after Itachi finally allowed the fight to go underway. However, Itachi proved to be more than even Vegeta could handle, casting a realistic illusion upon Vegeta, making it seem as if the fight was really happening where Itachi stood back and controlled the scenery all along. Eventually, Itachi penetrated Vegeta's resolve, persuading him to reveal his true past and nature. Itachi then convinced Vegeta to cease his ruthless pursuit of power and instead turn towards avenging his people. Itachi disappeared soon after dispelling the illusion. Vegeta then looked around and saw crows, he followed to the crows to the real Itachi, but he soon disappeared and he hasnt seen Itachi yet. He is searching for him because he believes Itachi could be a great ally.

Friends and RelationshipsEdit

Itachi = At first was hostile towards him, but soon became friendly, although he still has his moments


Energy based attacksEdit

Galick Gun = Vegeta's signature move, he bends to the side, with the backs of his hands curled against each other. Conducting purple energy, then releases them in a concentrated energy beam

Bang Beam = Vegeta points his hand like a child pretending to use a gun and fires a deadly bolt of energy, his favorite
Galick Gun

Galick Gun

execution move

Crushing Hands = A move Vegeta uses in his Great Form to crush people in his hands

Double Galick Cannon = He dashes in front of the opponent and stops, while putting both hands in front of their chest. Then fires a devastating point blank blast

Energy Volley = Vegeta charges ki in both his hands and fires energy balls rapidly.  Used in desperation or tight spot

Genocide Breaker = Vegeta kicks the opponent ito the air and punches them in the side,
Genocide Breaker finishing blast

The finishing blast of Genocide Breaker

paralyzing them while they are stuck in the air upside down, then he puts his hand in front of their face, and fires a energy beam point blank. Used as a execution move

Power Ball = A move which allows him to mimic the effects of a moon to turn into a Great Ape

Speed based and other abilitesEdit

After Image = Able to move fast enough to produce a image of himself briefly to confused opponents

Flight = Ability to fly by the use of Ki

Energy Barrier = Able to create a barrier of energy, to shield himself

Telekinesis = Able to lift rocks and other objects with his mind, by using Ki

Forms and TransformationsEdit

Vegeta, being a member of the Saiyan race has forms to drastically increase his power and change his appearance.

Vegeta base

Vegeta in his base form

Base FormEdit

As above, Vegeta is always in this form. Its his normal state, but dont be fooled. He is still quite abmiderable in this state, being able to cause mass destruction. With his signature move the Galick Gun, he is able to level cities.

Great ApeEdit

Vegeta, by using his tail is able to transform into a Giant Ape, by either the moon. Or using a power ball. In this form he is 100
Vegeta, ape

Vegeta as a Great Ape

FT tall, has red eyes, and pointy ears that are keen enough to be able to hear a pin drop from a mile away. His power in this form is around 180,000. Being a elite, he is able to control his actions in this form and even speak clearly.

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