Variable Fighters are series of transforming Star Fighters, developed as hybrid units capable of combat in a wide range of terrain, whether it's in the air, ground, or even underwater. The first Variable Fighter was the VF-0 Phoenix, developed by the UCR, while the first combat capable Variable Fighter was the Sv-51 Eyr, developed by the New Dawn Empire.

1st Generation Variable FightersEdit


VF-0 Family

VF-0A (Upper left corner) and VF-0CS (Lower right corner). Both are examples of early to mid 1st Generation Variable Fighters.

2nd Generation Variable FightersEdit


A late 1st Generation VF-11C Thunderbolt flies along aside a early 2nd Generation VF-19A Excalibur.

Starting with the second generation, manufacturers began building variable fighters with emphasis towards multi-enviromental capabilities and high perfomance in all fields of operations, specifically speed and agility. However as a result of this design philosphy, 2nd gen valkyries were known to be extremely difficult to handle for inexperienced pilots.

3rd Generation Variable FightersEdit

3rd Generation Valkyries continue to emphasize functionality in different enviroments such as air and space like the previous generation, but began pushing towards greater ease of control with high performance in the hands of experienced pilots and greater payload capacity. 

4th Generation Variable FightersEdit

A fourth generation Variable Fighter is the classification for current high end Variable Fighters. The characteristics vary by the nation but most have a strong emphasis on pilot customization and multirole capabilities. Some fourth generation Variable Fighters are last generation refreshes that have been upgraded given that 3.5's are not that different from a 4th gen. 

UCR Variable FightersEdit

As the nation that spearheaded Variable Fighter research and development, UCR Variable Fighters are highly advanced and efficient at both Air and Ground warfare, using their powerful armaments, versitility and performance to gain an upperhand in battles. Several UCR VFs are also the bearers of pioneer technologies and weapons that would become standard equipment on future models.

UNSC Variable FightersEdit

Learning of the capabilities of Variable Fighters the UNSC quickly adapted them into service, at first with import planes and later domestic built fighters. The introduction of the generation between three and four the UNSC Variable Fighters can easily match their UCR counterparts. UNSC Variable Fighters generally are top spec compared to the UCR which have lower tiered fighters - the result is generally excellent planes at an extremely high price tag.

CMF Variable FightersEdit

As the F/A-924 Super Phoenix became unable to match the developement of Variable Fighters despite constant updates and upgrades, the CMF looked to the UCR for guidance in the developement of its own Variable Fighters. Using data from the VF-0, the CMF developed the VF-32 Hraesvelger as a testbed for CMF technologies in a Variable Fighter's frame. After this proved to be a success, the CMF wasted no time in developing a high tier 3rd-Gen Variable Fighter version of the Super Phoenix, dubbed the VF/A-924 Wyvern. Currently, although the CMF is the newest in regards to the developement of Variable Fighters, its VF's are more or less par with current UCR and UNSC 3rd Gen aircraft, and has no clear advantages or disadvantages.

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