Vanguard Team


Cornerian Black Ops


4 HOPLITEs, 1 Super AI Sentry Bot, 2 Super AI, 1 High Cornarian Official


Protect Cornarian interests, assassinations, espionage

Vanguard Team is the first HOPLITE team to be established within the Cornarian MIlitary. They are the first and most elite out of the HOPLITE teams. They take HOPLITEs from the Army and Marines and put them through further training and tests and the best are placed in Vanguard Team. The team always consists of 4 HOPLITE's of various skills and attributes. Their ranks are all undisclosed. The Vanguard normally conduct missions that are not to be spoken of. Their motto is "Help isnt coming", mainly due to the types of missions they conduct. Sending a force for backup would render their missions being comprimised.

Battle HistoryEdit



OVERWATCH-HOPLITE H-259: "Jackson", equipped with the new OVERWATCH HOPLITE power suit. Equipped with long range sensors, high power zoom and surveillance equipment, and of course the newly designed M348 high powered sniper rifle. He is also assigned to a new sentry drone called the "Eye" A specialized steath drone that can be deployed high above the area to survey the land. It is also equipped with small pod missiles and a submachine gun for defensive purposes. As well as EMP technology and other small attatchments to suit the HOPLITEs needs

ONYX- HOPLITE H-5262: "Light Switch", equipped with a stealth variant of the MK2 Leviathan power suit. Basically  normal power suit except with upgraded stealth equipment, radar jamming, foot step muffling technology, night vision with targeting assist, and a new program called "SAOA", or Stealth Area of Approach". It relays the user the best mode of approach for stealth kills and or the best mode for moving under fire.

ORION- HOPLITE H-7282: "Fixer", equipped with a sword as a primary weapon as well as a ligher variant of the MK2. Equipped with more powerful boosters for quicker movement. Gyro's to assist with body orientation and mid air movement, less armor plating and more shielding to assit with quicker movement, and a specialized HUD that allows ORION to track movements easier

NOBLE- HOPLITE H-5828: "Rookie", dont let the name think he is truly a rookie. He is equipped with the "Vanguard" variant of the MK2. Allowing faster movement, more damage resistance, and all around more offensive capabilities. He is a more rounded HOPLITE then the other 3 Vanguards but his skill as a soldier is what got him into the Vanguard. He is very resourceful and is armed with the normal HOPLITE loadout. As per his request. TSR-762 Combat rifle, standard .45 pistol, fragmentation grenades, EMP grenades, and as per special request. A jet pack.


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