Seagul Edit


The Chaika (or seagul in english) is a large heavily armored transport/attack helicopter famous on Exon for being notoriously cheap compared to other gunships around the galaxy. The seagul is meant to be deployed in large numbers during occupation (not during initial invasion although specialised prototypes equiped with steal techology have been used in certain places).

Engine/Armor Edit

The Chaika has an abnormal amount of armor on it for being how fast it is, the chaika is covered in reactive armor in certain places such as the engine assembally and the front of the helicopter. The Chaika is also equiped with a rapid firing 30 mm with the ability and targetting system to supress targets from 3 miles away (although they have to get closer if they wish to use the heavy rockets.) The Chaika comes equiped with multiple guided/unguided missle systems including AT-7, White Phosphorus, and basic air to air missiles.
R169 457x256 15012 Futuristic Russian Helicopter UDK 3d realism futuristic helicopter military picture image digital art

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