VSV Normandy SR-1


130 meters


  • Javelin Torpedoes
  • GARDIAN Systems
  • Railguns


Energy shielding


Vanguard Fleet

The VSV Normandy SR-1 (Vanguard Space Vessel Normandy Stealth Reconaissance 1) is a stealth frigate made by Cosmos Babylonia and its splinter faction Vanguard. Made with cutting-edge technology, the Normandy was developed as the first of her class. The Turians, an alien species, contributed to the construction.

Technology and ArmamentEdit


The Normandy is capable of silent running, or not appearing on the radar, for three to four hours. Special heat sinks in the hull store the heat from the core and the ship matches the absolute zero background temperature of space. The Normandy can drift aimlessly for days on end as well. In any event, the heat must eventually be let out.

Looking out a window or through a hull camera will give away the Normandy's position, if the observer can even see the ship against space.


The Normandy bears sets of Javelin torpedoes. There is also a set of GARDIAN defenses, which are lasers capable of bringing down most fighter-sized aircraft.

The ship also boasts two bow-mounted railguns that fire explosive, experimental rounds. However, these rounds prove more effective when kinetic barriers or shields have already been removed or disabled.

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