Virtual Reality TrainingEdit

Virtual Reality Training is Exon's equilivant to the UNSC's wargames training. Both of which allows the users to train in historical battles or situations that they are likely to encounter. Almost 80 percent of Exon's Military uses the VR as a form of training consistantly (although expensive it is usually worth it). The battles that you may choose from on the VR range from World War I battles on Old Earth to real time multiplayer. Or course Exon still uses its own training program as well but the VR is used to teach the basics.

Examples of battlesEdit

WWI Paschendaele - Canadian Soldier thrown into brutal hand to hand combat.

WWII Kursk - Used to get tankers used to tank/infantry combat.

Normandy Invasion 1944 - Airborne soldier, used to help ERA light infantry adapt to combat.

Daylight raids 1943 - Made to teach ERA heavy fighter pilots to hold a formation under fire.

WWII Kursk II - Made to teach ERA heavy fighters how to make good ground runs.

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