VF/A-924 "Wyvern"
The 3 Modes of the VF/A-924




  • Air Supremacy and Interception Variable Fighter


3rd Gen

Known Operator(s)

  • New United Nations Spacy
    • CMF Naval and Air Forces

Developed From


  • VF/A-924 Wyvern (Standard Version)
  • VF/A-924S Super-Wyvern (Commander Version)

Known Pilots

Top Speed

  • Atmosphere = ~Mach 5.5 (Intercept)
  • Space = None, ~7.5G Acceleration Limited by Pilot


Developement HistoryEdit

Currently Active: Lodes e Plaens


Equipment / TechnologyEdit


  • 2x 25mm Beam Cannons (Ventral in Fighter, Shoulders in GERWALK/Battroid): Dual energy-projectile weapons which focused forward in Fighter and GERWALK mode, and can individually target a broader range around the unit in Battroid mode. Although small in size, these guns are excellent against enemy shielding and are useful against most airframes. Due to attached capacitors storing the energu required, Rate of Fire can be increased or decreased to in exchange for weaker or stronger energy beams, respectively. Rate of Fire and "ammo" is only limited by the heat of the barrel and energy routed to the guns from the engines.
  • 40mm Cannon: Standard issue weaponry for Wyvern units. Mounted underneath the main body in Fighter mode and utilized as a rifle in Gerwalk and Battroid modes, this rapid fire cannon is effective against just about any flying threat the VF/A-924 will encounter. 
  • 2x Supplemental Micro-Missile Pods: Two High-Capacity micro-missile pods allow the Wyvern to have a high supply of supplemental explosive ordnance to dispatch foes with stronger armor than the cannons allow, or to chase off and engage enemies in the standard fashion. These pods can be ejected from the craft if damaged or otherwise needed, and are always located on the units "back" while attached.
  • 2x Head-Mounted Beam Guns: Upon the head unit of the craft in Battroid mode are two Beam Guns stored within the ear-like apendages. Despite being too small to cause major damage to most aircraft, the beams perform exceptionally well in intercepting missiles and other relatively-slow moving heavy ordnance (such as unguided rockets and the like). Although small, these energy weapons work well at chipping away enemy shielding and harassing enemy units and causing them to be cautious, as well placed shots can still be threatening to critical parts of most airframes.

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