VF-37 Sylph II
A pre-production VF-37A from SVF-301




Multipurpose Variable Fighter


4th Generation

First Flight

February 23rd, 2580


Est. Early 2582

Known Operators

  • New United Nations Spacy
    • UCR Armed Forces
    • Voldor Military (Planned)
    • Nilo Colonial Guard (Planned)
    • CMF Navy and Air Force (Limited)
  • Sewell National Guard (Planned)


  • 250 (4 Prototypes, 16 Pre-Production/EMD, 230 Production)
 The VF-37 Sylph II is a 4th Generation multirole variable fighter developed by L.A.I as a cost effective solution to the overpriced VF-33 Evolution developed by the same company. It is the main designated successor to the earlier VF-19 family of variable fighters.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Learning from what made the VF-33 so costly for wide mass adoption across the UCR military and adoption by other nations due to highly sensitive technologies that are onboard the craft, L.A.I decided to take a different route when designing the VF-37, with some of the features from the 33 being either down scaled or removed for ease of manufacturing. The first of these changes was the removal of the initial model of miniature fold drive, a less powerful ISC device in the form of the TO/ISC-22C (While still providing an impressive protection against 30Gs, it was still less powerful than the TO/ISC-24 on the VF-33) a pair of FF-3001C/II Stage II Thermonuclear engines which were easier to maintain than the FF-3001G Stage II Thermonuclear engines of the Evolution, but overall less powerful. Despite all this, the VF-37's potential performance exceeds that of the current VF-19 without the issues that plagued the VF-19 family thanks to the addition of the EX-Gear and ISC systems.

However as a result, the VF-37 was designed to make use of a wide arrange of special missions packs to increase it's versatility and combat potency, a feature that's shared with the VF-171 Nightmare Plus of Grunder Industries. Packs includes the APS-37 Armored Pack for heavy assault, AP-SF-01 Aegis Pack designed for airborne early warning, recon, drone control craft and electronic warfare roles, and the SPS-37 Super Pack for fast attack.

Specifications (VF-37C Block II) Edit