VF-34 Nimbus


Charom and Adox Works


Multipurpose Variable Fighter


4th Generation

Known Operators

  • New United Nations Spacy
    • UCR Armed Forces


  • VF-34C
  • VF-34F
  • VF-34S

Known Pilots

Proda Alers

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

This high performance, multirole valkyrie is the pride of L.A.I subsidiary Charom and Adox Works. Possessing high level of acceleration and turning performance and an emphasis towards close quarters combat, this aircraft plays a large role in any kind of air-to-ground or air-to-air mission. Going by the unofficial name "Apalis", its elegant delta and canard wings and superb aerodynamically shaped air-intake, are distinguishing characteristics.

Specifications (VF-34C/Block II)Edit

  • Crew: 1 Pilot (Accommodations for a passenger.)
  • Length (Fighter): 19 Meters
  • Wingspan (Fighter): 15 Meters
  • Height (Battroid): 15.87 Meters
  • Powerplant: 2 x FF-3001C/II Thermonuclear Stage II Reaction Engines
  • Speed:
    • Atmosphere: Mach 5.7 (due to heat-resistance limit of the fuselage)
  • Armament (Standard):
    • 1 x ROV-25 25mm Beam  gun (Head mounted)
    • 1 x GU-24B 50mm Beam Gunpod
    • 2 x AK/VF-M5 Assault Knifes (Mounted in Anti-projectile shields)
    • 2 x ROV-32 25mm Beam MGs (Ventral)
    • 2 x ESG-37G 35mm Beam MGs (Wrist mounted)
    • 4 x Internal micro-missle launchers/10 missiles per launcher
    • 6 x Underwing mounted hardpoints.
  • A.I: ARIEL II+ Air frame and fire control A.I
  • Armor: Energy Converting Armor Mk.VI
  • Shielding: Pin-Point Barrier Mk.VI
  • ISC Type: TO/ISC-22C (Rated for 30Gs)
  • Additional Avionics/Features:
    • EGP-03/05M1 EX-Gear
    • AA/AS/SF-06A1 Unified Sensor Matrix
    • 360 degree panoramic cockpit.
    • Countermeasure Systems
    • 3rd Generation Active Stealth System
  • Optional Equipment:
    • SPS-34 Super Pack
    • 1 x Fold Boosters


Following the success of the VF-33 Evolution, a subsidiary of L.A.I called Charom and Adox Works started work on  a modified design of the Evolution as their candidate for the successor of the VF-19 used by the UCR forces stationed in the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies. By February of 2579 a bacth of 18 pre-protection VF-34A's were assgined to SVF-62 for live combat testing in the ongoing Black Hand Insurgency up until December of that year. Data gathered during the testing period was used to refine and fix many of the issues and bugs of the pre-production aircraft, resulting in the VF-34C Block II model. By March of 2580, the VF-34C was designated a secondary successor to the VF-19 along side the VF-37 Sylpheed II and approved for mass production. Like it's sister unit, the VF-34 is offered to allied nations.


  • VF-34C/Block II
  • VF-34F
  • VF-34S 


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