VF-19 Excalibur


  • L.A.I Industries


High Performance All-Purpose Variable Fighter


  • Quasi-4th Generation

Developed from


  • VF-19A Excalibur
  • VF-19C Excalibur
  • VF-19F Excalibur
  • VF-19S Excalibur

Known Pilots

  • Gaver Ancim
  • Blade Capelann
  • Kari Capelann
  • Proda Alers
The VF-19  is a Multi-Generation Variable Fighter that entered service with the UCR Military in late 2557. Starting in 2579 UCR began phasing out the VF-19 with new 4th Generation Variable Fighters.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

This fighter is the pride of the UCR Armed Forces for nearly 22 years. Aside from superb flight, strong stealth capabilities and robust combat performance, it has top class acceleration performance and a two-dimensional thrust deflect nozzle which also gives it outstanding maneuverability. Its preemptive strike power, called "first look, first shoot, first kill", is fitting for an aircraft with the name "Excalibur", a venerable master of the skies.

Specifications (VF-19EX-F)Edit

  • Crew: 1 Pilot (Accommodations for a passenger).
  • Length (Fighter): 18.62 Meters.
  • Wingspan (Fighter): 14.87 Meters.
  • Height (Battroid): 15.48 Meters.
  • Powerplant: 2 x FF-2580X Thermonuclear Reaction Turbine 
  • Armament (Standard):
    • 1 x GU-14B+ 40mm Gunpod
    • 2 x ESA-25 25mm High Speed Beam MG
    • 1 x ROV-27 20mm Head mounted Beam Cannon
    • 4 x Internal Micro Missile launchers/15 Missiles per launcher.
    • 6 x Hardpoints for additional armaments.
    • 1 x AK/VF-9M Ka-Bar Anti-Armor knife (Mounted in the shield).
  • A.I: ARIEL II Airframe and Fire Control A.I.
  • Shielding: Pin-Point Barrier Mk.V
  • Armor: Energy Converting Armor Mk.VI. Advanced ECA materials in the physical anti-projectile shield.
  • Additional Avionics/Features:
    • EGP-03/05M1 EX-Gear
    • AA/AS/SF-06A1 Unified Sensor Matrix
    • 360 degree panoramic cockpit.
    • 3rd Generation Active Stealth System


  • VF-19A Excalibur/Block I: L.A.I's initial all-regime production model. 248 Produced from 2558 to 2563. 180 Upgraded to C/Block II specifications in 2565. Default armament consisted of one 35mm Gunpod, two ventral mounted energy convergence cannons, one anti-aircraft beam cannon, and 24 high maneuverability micro-missiles or two long range high speed missiles stored internally. Six underwing hard points for added weaponry and F.A.S.T Packs.
  • VF-19C Excalibur/Block II: Upgrade featuring the first generation ARIEL Air frame and fire control A.I, updated radar and slightly lowered engine output for better handling. Armaments and special mission packs remained the same. 500 Produced. All upgraded to standards of the latest Block III models.
  • VF-19F Excalibur/Block IIIF: Version with redesigned main wing, and high-maneuverability verniers. Although classified as a 3rd Generation Variable Fighter, the Block III VF-19s are capable of fighting against higher tiered VFs on equal ground. 951 Produced.
  • VF-19S Excalibur/Block IIIS: Version assigned to team leaders with redesigned main wing, high-maneuverability verniers (which replaces the canard forward wing), four head-turret-mounted laser guns, strengthened communications equipment and armaments. The FF-2550X engines, which features improved atmospheric flight speed and output, replaces the FF-2550J engines used on the VF-19C/Block II. 374 Produced.
  • VF-19EX/Block IIIEX: Updated Block III model that recieved an extensive modernization to support the EX-Gear system and latest avionics of the VF-33 and it's derivatives.