VF-104 Taranis


  • Misriah Armories
  • Lethbridge Industrial
  • Chalybs Defense


General Purpose Variable Fighter


  • 3rd Generation
    • 3.5
  • 4th-Generation


  • UNSC Air Force
  • Royal Miridem Air Force


  • Length: 16.7 meters
  • Height GERWALK: 8.2 meters
  • Height Battroid: 15.7 meters


  • Titanium A


Energy Shielding

Developed from


  • RVF-104 Streak
  • VF/A-104 Cinnamologus


19 Million cR



Most Recent

Block IIB

The VF-104 Taranis is a mass production Variable Fighter developed by the Materials Group as a way to not rely on imported Thunderbolts. 

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit



The Taranis was developed by the Navys internal design team. Its design is similar to an 600 year old interceptor for some reason. The UNSC had hoped for the Kairos to be their primary Variable Fighter but too few were operational. An intermediate variable fighter was developed and had its first flight at Lethbridge Combat Fields on Concord in 2564. It performed well but was nothing radical. The Navy did not adopt it however the Air Force would. 240 were initially ordered.

It is the only UNSC Variable Fighter available for export.

Vagan-UCR WarEdit

In 2573 war broke out between the Vagan Empire and UCR. In the beginning stages, the UNSC was obligated to aid their ally. THis would be one of the first real tests of the Kairos and Taranis. Engaging enemy Mobile Suits and fighters the Taranis fared better than the more "advanced" fighter. Gradually as the 29 was pulled from combat the Taranis took over its duties.


Taranis fighters made up the core of the UEG's Variable Fighter inventory and as such played an important role during the UEG-UCR War. They were competent against the UCR's Variable Fighters and excelled everyone else's space fighters. A few RVF-104's scouted for UNSC Navy ships, painting targets and guiding tactical strikes on defensive fleets.

While VF-31 production has still yet to reach the capacity desired by the UNSCAF, some squadrons are receiving upgrades to their VF-104's to enter the fourth generation of Variable Fighter.


  • 1x WST-M5 50mm Heavy Beam Gunpod
  • 2x RM-20 20mm cannons
  • 2x 25mm Highspeed cannon-railguns
  • 1x Assault Knife
  • 8x M6088 LRHMM/15 missile per launcher
  • 2x Wingtip Missile Pods
  • 1x HAVOK


  • RVF-104 Streak: A autonomous VF-104 controlled by AI or AH designed with a stronger frame to withstand the stresses of higher speed and G's. Used for SEAD missions and reconnaissance.
  • VF/A-104 Cinnamologus: Equipped with a Really Heavy Beam cannon and plasma charge emitter for CAS.
  • VF-104 Arrow: Several Taranis with its wings clipped off, removed tail, elongated nose and outfitted with scramjets. The Office of Naval Intelligence has been testing the units both manned and unmanned. Some casualties.
  • VF-104B: 4th Gen modernization.

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