VF-0AP Valkyrie


  • L.A.I
  • Stonewell


Semi-Space Capable Variable Fighter


1st Generation


  • UCR Armed Forces (Former)
    • UCR Navy (Former)


  • 14.23 Meters Long (fighter mode)
  • 8.7 Meters high (Gerwalk)
  • 12.68 Meters high (Battroid)


Energy Converting Armor Mk.IB

Developed From

  • VF-0 Phoenix


  • VF-0APS Valkyrie
  • VE-0 Elint Seeker

Developed into

  • VF-11 Thunderbolt
  • VF-19 Excalibur
  • VF-17 Nightmare
  • VF-32
 The VF-0AP Advanced Phoenix Mod.2M (Alternatively known as Valkyrie) was a Semi-Space Capable modification to the earlier VF-0C Phoenix. It saw wide spread use among the Air Wings of Task Force Raven in it's operations in the Milky Way Galaxy during the New Dawn Conflict

Technologies and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

As a sub-variant of the VF-0C, the VF-0AP shares many of the same traits affiliated with the 0C, such as visual apperance, sensors, and FCS, with minor modifications to life support. It is essentially the same craft, sharing the same in atmosphere performance as it's cousin. However, the 0AP boosts superior performance in Space, thanks to modifications to it's engines, thrusters, Control Systems, and increased amount of Hardpoints.

The Mod.2M designation is an abbriviation of Modification.2/Marq, due to Marq's large contributions in developing the F.A.S.T Pack Augmentation system and modifications to the Engines and smaller thrusters.


  • 1x ROV-5 20mm Anti-Air Head Laser (Default)
    • 2x ROV-5 20mm Anti-Air Head Laser (APJ Variant)
    • 4x ROV-5 20mm Anti-Air Head Laser (APS Variant)
  • 1x GU-15 55mm Gunpod
  • 12x AAM-12 Air-to-Air Missile (Optional)
  • 4x Micro Missile Pods/20 Missiles Each (Optional)
  • 6x Large Scale Anti-Ship Reaction Missile (Optional)
  • 12x Mk.88 LDGB High Explosive Bomb

Systems and FeaturesEdit

  • Energy Converting Armor Mk.1
  • Multi Targeting System
  • FAST Pack Space Augmentation System
    • 2 x NP-AR-01 Arm Mounted Micro-Missile Launchers/6 Missiles Each
    • 2 x Booster Mounted HMMP-02 Micro Missile Launchers/24 Missiles Each
    • 2 x Large Boosters
    • 17 x Medium RCS Thrusters
  • Strike Pack Space Augmentation System
    • 2 x NP-AR-01 Arm Mounted Micro-Missile Launchers/6 Missiles Each
  • 1 x Booster mounted HMMP-02 Micro Missile Launcher/24 Missiles
  • 1 x Booster Mounted Mauler Dual-Barreled RO-X2A High Powered Beam Cannons
  • 2 x Large Boosters
  • 17 x Medium RCS Thrusters
  • 6 x Hardpoints
  • 2 x OTECH Thermalnuclear Reaction Engines E.Type
  • Many x Vernier Thrusters



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