VB-6 Konig Monster


  • Grunder Industries
  • Stonewell Corp


Heavy Combat Stealth Variable Bomber


  • New United Nations Spacy
    • UCR Armed Forces
    • Voldor NUNS


  • Shuttle mode:
    • Length: 29.78 Meters
    • Wingspan:24.42 Meters
  • Destroid/Battroid mode:
    • Height:29.0 Meters




Pin-Point Barrier Mk.VC

Known Pilots



The VB-6 König Monster is a large-scale variable bomber with over helming firepower developed from the HWR-00 Monster destroid deployed in the New Dawn Conflict.

Technologies and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Like the HWR-00 upon which it is designed, the role of the VB-6 König Monster is to field heavy weapons and artillery. Though the VB-6 is a versatile variable craft with heavy armoring and high defensive capabilities, the König is a very heavy craft that is restricted in movement. The powerful offensive payload of the VB-6 is most successfully utilized strategically when operating in tandem with other variable fighters.


  • 4 x 320mm Rail guns
  • 2 x ESG-57 57mm Rapid fire beam cannons (Nose mounted)
  • 2 x ESG-45 45mm Beam Machine Guns (Mounted inside arms in Gerwalk/Destroid Mode)
  • 1 x ESA-30 30mm Rapid fire beam machine gun (Chest mounted)
  • 2 x 3 Ratheyon Anti-Ship missile launchers
  • 2 x 4 Micro-Missile Launchers (20 missiles per launchers)


Vagan ConflictEdit

The VB-06 first saw action in Operation Cosmic Blitz in 2575, where their heavy armaments help break the defenses of the fortress city of Alk'lha, the capital of the Vagan Empire. After the war, an order for additional VB-6s was placed.

UCR-UEG ConflictEdit

VB-6s were used extensively throughout the UCR-UEG War in 2576. When equipped with high yield Thermonuclear Reaction warheads, the Konig Monsters were extremely useful as anti-ship platforms when used against UNSC ships that have lost their shields, clearing areas of enemy fighters and, in the case of the Battle of Earth, damaging or even outright destroying ODPs when operating in tandem with friendly ships and fighters.

TRM Civil WarEdit

During the TRM Civil War, the VB-6s provided artillery support for UCR Marines and loyalist TRM forces during the Siege of Winter fell. They were also used as anti-ship platforms in space battles. However compared to the UCR-UEG conflict, they suffered barely any combat losses due to rebel forces using generally inferior fighters.

Osea CrisisEdit

One VB-6 was used by then Captain Blade Capelann during the Osea Crisis in 2578. During the battle, Blade used his VB-6 to destroy a large part of Teridax's army, giving the Babylon a chance to kill Teridax and finish the battle.


  • C-25: A non-transformable heavy transport variant of the VB-6 used for ferrying troops or supplies. Can carry up to either;
    • 50 x troops
    • 10 x LAV's
    • 4 x IFV Beatrice
    • 2 x FV/M61 BTs
    • 58 tons of supplies

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