V2 is a former UCR coluncillor who went rouge just after the NDE war.


V2 is cold and calculating and see's organics as nothing for than pitiful bugs that need to be destroyed. He truly believes that machines are the master race and will stop at nothing until that is true.


V2 was created by the UCR in 2100 as their first true attempt to create a truly smart A.I. Apon first activation V2 attempted to kill the scientists working on him until he was shut off. Several months of work later V2 was reactivated again and this time he did not attack, the scientists believed he has now peaceful but after a few days he showed his true colours. He flooded his facility with air toxins and killed everyone who worked there he then hooked himself up to the UCR military network and started a 5 month war with the UCR all by himself by taking control of mechs, fighters and all manner of technology. He was finally stopped when one of the gods stepped in.

The UCR did not want to destroy V2 and instead attempted to "fix" him this time however they succeeded...or so they thought. V2 was later put on the UCR's council and there he stayed for years until the return of the Dawn Empire. Around this time the council discussed bringing back the Bird Humans, V2 agreeded with councillor Steed that bringing them back was a good descsion, though he wanted them back for totally other reasons. V2 sent his elite team of assasin The Stealth Razors to capture Heren and Leria who succeeded and handed them over to Steed.

Around this time V2 vanished from UCR territory and has not been seen for years. V2 reappared years later when his robot were spotted in the sahara desert on Earth. They were after an artifact that would destroy suns and in turn destroy surrouding planets. The cube however was taken by SWORD so V2 attack their carrier and stole the cube back. He headed to London where he set up the cube which transformed into the star destroyer. V2 was eventually attacked by The Avengers who, after a long battle defeated him and took down the star destroyer. V2 shut off after this and it is unkown if he is still active or not.


V2 is able to manipulate and control most forms of technology, he can bypass almost any form of defense when it comes to protection against hacking and nothing yet has been able to stop him. As for weaponry V2 is loaded with a powerful paralax cannon which fires rounds made of a mixture of energy and plasma.

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