Unnamed Venator Spartan
Venator Red






UNSC (former)



The Unnamed Venator Spartan is a SPARTAN-IV formerly aligned with the UNSC equipped with the Venator armor variant.


Assault on AtlantisEdit

He, along with a group of other SPARTAN-IVs were assigned to destroy a UCR Cruiser during a UNSC assault on Atlantis. During the attack, he was separated from the other SPARTANs and came across a data terminal aboard the cruiser. Upon reading it, he learned that ONI had been fabricating false reports about UCR activity and that he had been assigned to slaughter innocents. He was captured shortly after along with three of his teammates.


The SPARTAN was taken to a UCR base by the cruiser following his capture. He was held in a cell for two weeks when the Wraith attacked the base. During the attack, the base's security systems failed, allowing him and the other three SPARTANs to break out of their cells. When his teammates continued to murder innocent UCR personnel, he attempted to explain the truth to them. Unfortunately, he was left with no choice to kill his last surviving teammate. He then managed to steal an experimental hyperspace fighter and escape.


He eventually was able to determine that ONI had been compromised by the Wraith. Specifically, its already corrupt leader had been brainwashed by the Wraith. Having no one else to turn to, he contacted Grif and Marq, who reluctantly arrived outside an ONI facility. The three of them managed to fight through security and were forced to kill the head of ONI and the Wraith that accompanied him. He immediately left on his own afterwards, leaving Grif and Marq to find their own way out.