United Nations Space Command
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Unified Earth Government


Military, exploratory and scientific force


Defense of Earth and her colonies


UNSC HIGHCOM, Sydney, Earth


  • FADM Kopano N'Singile


The UNSC is the armed forces, exploratory and scientific branch of the Unified Earth Government, as well as emergency government in times of war. It was formed in the 22nd century to combat communists and evolved to become the defenders of humanity. The UNSC is commanded by FADM Singile (Chief of Naval Operations), Adml. Osman (Chief of Naval Intelligence), Gen. Nicholas Strauss (Army), Gen. Harland (Marine Corps) and Gen. Amemiya (UNSCAF).

Branches and organizationsEdit

  • UNSC Navy - The Navy is essential to the UNSC's ability to maintain her colonies and defend them. While no longer the largest of the factions it still has power projection in both space and the seas. A large chunk of funding goes here. In addition to the space forces, the UNSC Navy also maintains traditional waterborne navy.
    • UNSC "Coast" Guard - Created with the appearance of the UCR under the Navy. They maintain a smaller, separate fleet of older ships to protect the UEG's EEC , preventing piracy, aiding ships in distress and collecting tarriffs.
    • UNSC Fleet Auxillary - The resupply arm of the UNSC military, delivering food, fuel, ammo and equipment for the Navy.
    • Office of Naval Intelligence - The Spooks. In charge of intelligence, propaganda, espionage, experiments and research - even if it means getting some hands dirty and a few people mysteriously disappearing.
  • UNSC Air Force - Division within the UNSC. It is tasked with organizing aerial operations, conducting tactical strikes and bombing runs, providing close-air-support for infantry forces, and transportation of UNSCDF personnel. Again they get a significant chunk of money for their projects.
  • UNSC Army - The only branch of the UNSCDF mainly in charge of primarily ground based operations, including garrisons and occupation. While fighting alongside the Marines, few credited them for their service. They also tend to fight for scraps of funds.
  • UNSC Marines - The branch of the UNSCDF in charge of land based operations using the Navy to get from point A to Z and provide security for Naval installations.

UNSC Navy Fleet Composition and Order of BattleEdit

Grand Fleet: The overall naval strength of the UNSCDF. Commanded by the Fleet Admiral and reserved only in times of war.
Fleet: A unit consisting of between 150 ships to 200+ ships. These are led by an Admiral, although it can be led by an Vice Admiral or Rear Admiral. One is permanent within the Sol system.
Strike/Battle Group: Battle Groups are the most common operation formations seen. There is no defined size nor a specific type of ship that leads the formation, howeve it is often a carrier. On average it is made up of 50 ships or about 3 Squadrons.
Squadron: A Squadron unit is made of twelve to fifteen ships. Consists of a single Battleship/Cruiser, six Destroyers and eight Frigates. These are commanded by a Captain.
Division: Comprised of a Cruiser or Destroyer and four frigates. A division is generally for patrol. Commanded by a Captain.
Element: One ship
  • Home Fleet (250): To defend the heart of humanity
  • Epsilon Eridani Carrier Battle Group - (50)
  • Third Joint Strike Fleet (233): Assigned to various inner colonies
  • 8th Security Fleet (219): Assigned to the western quadrant of the Milky Way and spearhead against NUNS forces.
  • 12th Fleet (109): Assigned in the defense of the Outer Colonies
  • 24th Interdiction Fleet (120): Assigned to the defense of high risk installations near enemy territory such as the Halos.
  • NUNS CCG 1: A training group based on Luna led by the UCR Black Knight.
  • Pagoda: To aid allies of Nippon. 2 Justice-class Battleships, 1 CVE, 8 DD, 3 Prowlers.

Chain of CommandEdit

The overall military command comes from HIGHCOM located on Earth and formerly Reach. Directly subordinate to HIGHCOM is NAVCOM, responsible for all Naval operations. The other is UNICOM, responsible for all Marine, Army and Air Force operations. Decisions below this are made on unit levels.

Special ForcesEdit

UNSC special forces consist of the Navy's Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, Army Airborne (Rangers) and the Spartans. The UNSC also has a company sized group of magic users which make up the Guardians.



  • Audacity-class Supercarrier
  • Infinity-class Supercarrier
  • Punic-class Supercarrier (in planning) 
  • Emerith-class carrier
  • Atlas-II-class carrier


  • Valiant-class cruiser
  • Serenity-class cruiser
  • Marathon-class heavy cruiser


  • Justice-class heavy battleship
  • Island-class Mk.I battleship



  • Halberd-class destroyer
  • Leviathan-class heavy destroyer
  • CPV-class heavy destroyer 


  • Calais-class heavy frigate
  • Paris-class heavy frigate
  • Charon-class frigate
  • Stalwart-class frigate (Transfering to (UEGCG)
  • Patterson-class frigate
  • CDV-class corvette


  • Sahara-class prowler
  • Winter-class prowler

Refit and RepairEdit

Smol VehiclesEdit


  • M808B MBT "Scorpion"
  • M850 MBT "Grizzley"
  • M841 MBT


  • Elephant

Heavy SupportEdit

General PurposeEdit

  • M12 Warthog

Fixed WingEdit

  • FSS-1000 Sabre
  • GATL-1 Longsword
  • F-41 Broadsword
  • B-65 Shortsword
  • VF-11
  • VF-104
  • VF-29 Durandal
  • VF-31
  • VF-30 Chronos
  • D77H Pelican
  • F-3 Shinden
  • A-79 Raiser
    • A-79 Estoc
    • VF/A-79


  • UH-144
    • AH-144
  • AH-44


  • MA7 Adaptive Combat System
  • MA5D and MA37 
  • ADK 
  • BR55HB SR 
  • M6 Pistol series
  • Veris .505
  • M90/45 Shotguns
  • M50 SSR High Manuevability Heavy-AV Weapon 
  • SRS-99 Sniper Systems
  • M7 SMG
  • M392 DMR
  • M6 "Spartan Laser"
  • M319 GL
  •  M247 Series,
  • AIE-486H
  • M231 HMG
  • M301 UGL
  • Hydra MGL 50x137mm
  • Type-11 Directed Energy Support Weapon
  • Type-1 Directed Energy Rifle
  • Z114 Directed Energy Rifle
  • Armor


Jovian Moons Campaign
Rainforest Wars
Interplanetary War
Human-Covenant War
Various conflicts with newly formed nations
Exon Insurrection
Minor skirmishes with pirates and insurrectionists
Raid on Nippon
Battle of Iskandar

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