Unified Earth government

Government Type

Democratic Republic

Head(s) of State


UEG Senate

Judiciary Branch

Supreme Court of the UEG


Sydney, Austrailia

Most populous planet


Official language



UN Standard Credit (cR)





The Unified Earth Government is the civilian government of Earth that controls all of its colonies in the Milky Galaxy. Its power was diminished for 30 years while the military took emergency power. It was later returned yet not completely.

The UEG was formed in 2075 for the possibility of future space faring colonization. From 2170 to 2524 it faced several internal issues and civil wars. These rebellions were pushed aside by the pressing first contact of the Covenant. During this period the UEG Government handed over power to the military. Dr. Ruth Charet was the first post war president followed by current president Sentzke.

Following the Human-Covenant war an immense project to recolonize as much as possible was undertaken. Many of the planets were uninhabitable while others were only grazed slightly. The planets easily recolonized were prioritized while the more difficult ones were ignored or put aside. As of 2578 the colonies listed below are all that consist of the UEG.


Each colony sends seven representatives to Earth to make decisions officials who are elected by their respective colonies. The government is divided into multiple branches similarly to the former United States, now United Republic of North America.


When you combine combine over 196 countries and people from another universe you get something great. As most other factions originated from the UEG, the reaches of Earth culture are seen all across the galaxy.


Various companies provide content for people to consume still. The internet is regulated by the Chatter Protocol Agency along with Waypoint, a more government oriented net. But hey we have net neutrality.


It's economy capitalist based. It is not reliant on trade with the other nations mostly due to the diverse resources from Earths colonies. The UEG's currency is the credit. It is used internationally as the standard currency of trade. Most trade that is done is within itself, the rest is with Central Galactic Empire, Cineris and the UCR. 

The UN Credit is the international currency adopted by all the countries in the Milky Way for the reason of its dominance and convenience in the colonies that seceded from the UEG but continued to use the currency system. Although the UEG Department of Treasury could effectively cripple foreign enemies through economic sanctions or freezing transactions, it has not and likely will not.


The UEG's military arm is the UNSC. It is divided into four branches typical of most militaries and the intelligence branch the Office of Naval Intelligence. The UNSC is meant to protect the colonies, protect trade ships and eliminate the enemies of the UEG. 

Some nations/continental organizations of Earth maintain their own smaller militaries such as the URNA Armed Forces, EU nations, Russian Federation, India, and some asian countries.


The UEG is made up of mostly Humans though there are a small percentage that are alien species. A small amount of Sangheilis made a small city in South America ever since the end of the Human-Covenant War. A tiny population of faunus also reside within the colonies. There are also quite a few Vagans who settled on the colony of Bliss after seeking asylum. Blue people too.


A list of post-war colonies. The UEG once had over 800 colonies, but most were made uninhabitable by the Human-Covenant War. 

  • Epsilon Eridani system
    • Reach (undergoing re-terraforming)
    • Tribute
  • Eridanus System
  • Carrow
    • Beta Gabriel
    • Tantalus
  • Sol system
    • Earth
    • Mars
    • Jovian Moons
    • Pluto
  • Ectanus 45
    • Chi Rho
    • New Carthage
  • 26 Draconis system
    • Levosia
  • Chi Ceti system
    • Chi Ceti IV
  • Cygnus system
    • Cygnus
  • Eridanus system
    • Eridanus II
  • Epsilon Indi system
    • Harvest
  • Escala system
    • Escala III
  • Groombridge 1830 system
    • Groombridge-1830
  • Groombridge 34 system
    • Station Delphi
  • Procyon
    • Arcadia
  • Talitsa
  • 111 Tauri system
    • Victoria
  • Beta Hydri system
    • Beta Hydri VI
  • Draetheus system
    • Draetheus V
  • Erbus System
    • Erebus VII
  • Hydra system
  • Lambda Aurigae system
    • Roost
  • Leonis Minoris system
  • Luyten 726-8 system
    • Luyten
  • Paris system
    • Paris IV
  • Sigma Octanus system
    • Sigma Octanus IV
  • Zeta Doradus system
    • Trevalyn, Shield World 006
  • Svalinn Shield World
  • Algolis
  • Andesia
  • Ariel
  • Asphodel
  • Atlas Moons
  • Ballast
  • Boundary
  • Cascade
  • Concord
  • Coral
  • Criterion
  • Crystal
  • Cyrus VII
  • Emerald Cove
  • Far Isle
  • Forseti
  • Fumirole
  • Gilgamesh
  • Hellas
  • Herschel
  • Imber
  • Juneou
  • Kholo
  • Lenapi
  • Lodestone
  • Mamore
  • Minister
  • Miridem
  • New Constantinople
  • New Harmony
  • Oasis VI
  • Kamchatka
  • Oban
  • Paradise Falls
  • Partition
  • Terceira
  • Terra Nova
  • Verent
  • Chorus
  • Sedra
  • Installations 00-07
  • line Installation 1-12
  • Shield World Requiem 001
  • Shield World 0673 "The Refuge"
  • (Greater)Large Magellanic Cloud Galaxy (11 colonized planets, 145 outposts and stations)
  • Ragnana
  • 18 Scorpii
    • Falaknum
  • Alpha Aurigae
    • Capella
  • Meridian
  • Gao
  • Biko
  • Ursa IV
  • Rosbach
  • Charion VI
  • Draco III
  • Desdoron V
  • Gaenir Beta
  • Hardscrabble
  • New Caracas
  • Newsaka
  • Persia IX
  • Sargasso
  • Sundown
  • Shaps System
  • Andromeda
  • Unnamed 20 colonies

Foreign relationsEdit

Prior to 2525 the UEG has no foreign relations as there were no other foreign entities. In the post-war scenario the UEG now maintains foreign relation with ex-Covenant species, mostly the Sangheili, and intruders of the Milky Way such as the UCR. Several former break away colonies have formal relations with the UEG including the government of Cineris, Miridem, Nippon and Exon. The UEG is part of the military-economic alliance - the CGE. In general the UEG bears some level of animosity to its neighbors.