Shock Guards Squad

Squad Leader

Sukhoi Moskvin

Combat Engineer


Support Gunners

Cracker/Big Red


Dallas, Shifty, Ryan K.

Demo Expert

Sasha M.


"Dead Eye" Marston

Squad Size


Exon Red ArmyEdit

The Shock Guards squad is the most infamous squad amongst the 3rd shock army usually tasked with head on attack missions that are carried on by themselves and maybe another squad in support. These soldiers are lightly armored but highly experienced and highly trained to deal with and use almost any weapon they encounter on the battle field


The Shock Guards have been selected to guide and protect the avengers to their destination. To help take out the enemy personel with "super powers" which is denying them from a major factory that the ELA has been using against them.


Battle of Sydney - Faked as immigrants and led the attack that disabled Earth's shielding.

Sacking of the Aquas - Killed the leaders of the resistance.

Battles of Venezia - Destruction of the Rebellion.