The United Soviet Space Republics is an aggressive super faction known for its history of authoritarian ways. The USSR has hands down the most brutal and veteranized martial prowess in the galaxy, spanning years of conflict that scales back to even before the Human-Covenant war.

Territory Edit

The USSR is known to have expanded outside of its marked territory, installing mining expeditions in un-patroled areas, including several expeditions to Andromeda. Making the USSR an economic giant in terms of raw materials. The USSR is in charge of most of the expansion for the CGE, expanding into much of Southern Andromeda. Exon Territory is guarded well unless there are corrupt dealings, which has been known to happen.

Economy Edit

The USSR's main trade partner is with the United Earth Government, protected by the both the Exon Red Army and the United Nations Space Command. USSR trades mostly in raw resources for building planetary infrastructure and civilian as well as military space faring vessels. To accomplish a steady stream of revenue, the USSR must be aggressive.

Government Edit

The USSR Government answers mostly to the Exon leadership with a USSR congressional staff with Governors hailing from each planet (or appointed to a planet) to vote their opinions towards the Exon Premier to make an ultimate decision on after reviewing the polls, acting as an arbitrator. While under Noah acting on most of USSR decisions are the Chairmen of the USSR, handling things that don't need to come across Noah's office. USSR laws are strict and unforgiving but very clear.

Notable Government members of the USSR Edit

  • USSR Premier - Noah 'Chavam - Noah holds the technical highest office of power in the USSR
  • Governor of Doisac - ?
  • Governor of Eayn - ?
  • Chairman of Economy - Van Kreuger - Also the Governor of Mandalore acts on behalf of both the UEG and USSR.
  • Chairman of State - Agent 'Balalaika' - Arguably as powerful as Noah, she oversees operations of the NKVD and KGB.
  • Chairman of Technology - ?
  • Chairman of Defense - ?

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