UNSC Titan
Unsc titan


Infinity super carrier




Capital Ship Destroyer, Large scale deployment


  • 4.9m Titanium FECA
  • Hardlight shields


Length: 5,700 meters


17,000 Marines and Naval Crew



Hull Number



  • Two Super Verthandi Cannons
  • Two EMP cannons
  • 20 Plasma Torpedo tubes
  • 2 Cutting beam
  • 400 (40) Archer Missiles
  • 350 (25) Rapier Missiles
  • 500 (30) Howler Missiles
  • 1000 (200) Micro Missiles
  • 830 70mm Point Defense Guns
  • 100 Mini-MAC
  • 240 RIM-97 RAM
  • 40 60cm SCRAM cannons
  • 150 M85 HAAG
  • 40 Kali Anti-Ship Missiles


  • Commodore Cai Lyra Cole

The UNSC Titan (INF-103) is the third of the Infinity class operated by the UNSC Navy. Its namesake is of Saturns largest moon.  

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Titans main weapon system was designed specifically to eliminate enemy capital ships equal or above her own size. In order to do so the main cannons can fire in a variety of modes from straight up ripping enemy ships in half or eviscerating only the enemy crew. On its own the Titan could fight off against small forces of around twenty capital ships. The Titans shields can absorb and reuse energy fired at its shields to boost them or reflect them back at her assailant.


UCR-UEG War, Garmillass and miscellaneous eventsEdit

The Titan was ordered in 2558 by the UNSC Navy and completed six years later at a undisclosed shipyard. Following the completion of construction the Titan was commissioned along with eleven other of her class. The Titan was placed into Carrier strike group 15 with then international peacekeeping force ISAF.

During the UEG-UCR war the Titan aided in the assault against Eden and nearly succeeded until most of the forces were recalled to defend Earth from invasion. At Earth Titan deployed ground forces to removed the combined enemy forces from the ground and skies of Earths cities while the ship itself attempted to stop ships from landing. It stayed there until the war ended hours later.

Once the umpteenth Battle of Earth ended, Titan had to be repaired. Following repairs, the Titan departed to relieve the Infinity which would be in for repair for at least nine months. The Titan responded to a bandersnatch emergency call on Miridem in March. Upon arrival the planet was found to have been attacked by a type of radiological weapon, affecting all the colonists.

Return to Earth for maintenance.

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