UNSC Pacific


Ran Lacus


Stealth Destroyer


Land, Space, Air, Water


Up to 100






To be disposed

The UNSC Pacific (Designation I-401P) is a Prowler in service with the Office of Naval Intelligence. The Pacific was designed for testing of Artificial Humans. UNSC HIGHCOM decided to give the Pacific a crew consisting of The 4 Horsemen and their CO Ran Lacus. The ship has additional nanolaminate spaced armor fitted to the bow, port and starboard fitted to take extra damage.

Operational HistoryEdit

The Pacific has deployed only several times, mostly to send The Horsemen from point A to B. Exceptions were the raid on the UCR Continuity and Battle of Earth where the ship either supported or directly engaged in combat. In Fall 2576 it was upgraded with new systems for The Horsemen to hunt down a Stealth ship. During the operation Iona provided overwatch but ultimately the mission was a failure resulting in the death of Viral "Pestilence". The Pacific briefly went on patrol near the JSDF planets before returning to Levosia to pick up a replacement for a fallen Horseman and some new equipment. The ship received modernization of weapons during 2577 and deployed to deal with suspected Insurrectionist activity.

As of November 2580 the Horsemen no longer operate out of the Pacific and it is scheduled to be recycled.


  • 1x MAC Gun
  • 18x Plasma Torpedo launchers
  • 2x Mark 2457/35cm Mini MAC
  • Anti-Missile Defense system; A system of Point Defense Guns, Electronic Weaponry and missiles to provide defense against missiles and fighters. 
  • Decoys; Several Hardlight modules that form imitations of the Pacific
  • 1x Hyperion Nuclear Warhead Delivery System (unloaded)


I-401P with spaced armor and additional turrets.