UNSC Galliard


Marathon-class cruiser

Ship builder



April 23, 2554


May 2, 2555


Length 1,562 meters
Width 314 meters
Height 394 meters


Four fusion drives


Shaw-Fujikawa Translight engine


3 meters nanolaminate


  • Long range sensors
  • Holo cartographer
  • Cloaking system
  • EWS


  • Two Mass Acceleration Cannons
  • One FTL intercept weapon
  • 60 (40) Archer Missile Pods
  • 90 50mm Point Defense Guns
  • Trident CIWS System
  • 6 Kali Anti-ship Missile


Energy shields


  • 2,000 crew
  • 24 Raisers/Longsword
  • 40 Pelicans

Command Staff


Galliard (CA-235) is a post-war Flight IIIB Marathon class cruiser in service with the UNSC Navy. It is primarily part of the Third Strike Fleet. 


The Galliard participated in a series of campaigns against Exon and the Red Fleet. Ultimately they were a failure because of Del Rio's incompetence, forcing much of his escort to accompany the Infinity instead of destroying vessels attempting to escape. In a later operation, the Galliard sustained heavy damage and retreated. The cruiser would be repaired and modernized with more efficient engines, more missiles, and a shield system.

At an unspecified date the cruiser was present for the First Fall of Cineris, a surprise attack that would have wiped out the fledgeling country of Cinnamon.

2556 onwardsEdit

In 2578 the Galliard was tasked to a UEGCG squadron to take on a group of ELA ships. They chased them to a system after the CCS-class battlecruiser of the group had been damaged. The lower powered shots of the Coast Guard initial wave did less than intended while the enemy fired their torpedoes in response. Galliard and four destroyers launched hundreds of missiles with several antiship missiles hidden in them at two CPV-class ships, doing minor damage. A Charon class frigate then left the squadron to distract the enemy group, successfully taking out a SDV and drawing several Cherno Gunboats at the cost of the ships capture, though her AI was destroyed and her special main gun permanently annihilated by a friendly missile.

The ELA CCS had destroyed 3 of the Destroyers but was then crippled by a prowler's mines. The same prowler then disabled a CPV, though it escaped with help of a SDV. The remaining CPV was disabled by the remaining UNSC forces and the Galliard pushed her into slipspace before taking the ship. What was left of the CCS was then destroyed by a large bomb as ELA reinforcements arrived to witness her destruction. The squadron was commended for the capture but also criticized for the loss or heavy damage of ten ships and capture of one.

2581 upgradeEdit

Galliard was put out of service for several months while the UNSC put her through some hardships. Before receiving upgrades, the Navy tested new toys on the aging vessel. Afterwards, damages were stripped off for rebuilding. Her main cannon were exchanged for a pair of Verthandi, which would have required the removal of multiple decks anyways. Her sensors have been beefed up so they are able to better detect stealthy ships. The cruiser returned to patrol duties once completed.

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