UNSC Erdenet
ASS1-DYRL Cruiser


Fleet Support, Refit and Repair


  • Length: 16.5 km
  • Width: 3 kilometers
  • Height: 2.6 kilometers


UNSC Navy Auxiliary


Forerunner Composite






  • 2 Heavy MAC
  • 12 48cm railguns
  • 466 Point Defense Guns
  • 200 (30) Archer Missile Pods

Known Crew

Captain Kayto Shields, 1st Lieutenant Ava Crescentia, Chief Medical Officer Claude Triello

 The UNSC Erdenet (RE-024) is a Fleet support ship, Refit Repair station launched in 2570. The Erdenet was produced by Reyes-McLees Shipyards and is the only non improvised combat capable R&R station. It looks like a giant plate of titanium with two large pods. At maximum the Erdenet can fix about 10 Heavy cruisers simultaneously.

Operational HistoryEdit

For much of the Erdenets operations it has sat on the border of UEG space tending to civilian ships that broke down and inspecting ships passing into the colonies. 


The Erdenet was deployed with a fleet of 200 to glass several UCR colonies. The battle of Earth diverted the fleet back to Earth. Erdenet hid behind the moon for much of the battle, occasionally sniping off Ships. In the aftermath Erdenet sustained minor scratches and repaired the shattered Flee.

After the war it resumed its border duties including deploying Maginot line early warning drones. Following a failed Special Forces mission the Eredenet was dispatched to resupply the team while also delivering thirty ships bound for Orb.

In the aftermath of the Raid on Nippon, Erdent was tasked with aiding the repair of Exon's CSO super carriers which had been damaged severely in the battle.

The Erdenet towed the Infinity back to Earth after it was damaged during a battle in Exon space.

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