UNSC Audacity
The Audacity over Luna


Audacity-class supercarrier


  • Phobos Shipbuilding
  • Reyes-Mclees Shipyards






  • Length: 10 Kilometers
  • Width: 1.6 Kilometers
  • Height: 2 Kilometers


  • VE Drives
  • XR5 Deuterium fusion drive (back-up)


  • Shaw-Fujikawa Translight engine
  • Fold Drive



Forerunner plating



Complement and Crew

  • 42,000 crew

Commanding Officers

  • Rear Admiral Felix Decuir
  • Commander Hersh (XO)
  • Lieutenant Commander Jarves (NAV)
  • Lieutenant Commander Ciani (Weapons)
  • Lieutenant Commander Antoine (Engineering)
  • Lieutenant Commander Maius (Comms)
  • Chief Medical Officer Shizuka Marikawa
 The UNSC Audacity (Auddy, CV-216) is a UNSC Assault carrier


In March of 2578 the warship left for a expeditionary mission into the Large Magellan Cloud galaxy to map out more of the territory for further colonization and research efforts.  During the expedition effort the Audacity was forced to aid the Titan in search of a race of humanoids ,the Garmillans, who had attacked an colony. These aliens came scampering to attack the humans. As a supposed reconnaissance fleet the Garmillans wiped themselves out through overconfidence, the force wiped out and commander captured. Information gained from the enemy officer led the Audacity and carrier group to Iskandar. Unknowingly they had also stepped into the heart of Garmillas Navy. During the skirmish Yamato went to retrieve an object while the UNSC used questionable weaponry and threats to fight an enemy with ten times the ship count. A faction of the Garmillans ended up surrendering to avoid further bloodshed. The supercruiser returned to the Milky Way in late June 2578. 

In November 2578 the Audacity went to Cineris to provide aid and help with reconstruction after the planet was attacked.

Went for ten month maintenance between 2578 and 2580. Currently charged with 130 ships spread across the Installations.


An attempted and failed assassination of an UNSC officer by rebels prompted a series of UNSC retaliations. Audacity deployed UNSC Special Forces to capture rebels in hiding. The operation also targeted pirates that had become a nusance to commerce.


  • 8x Verthandi Cannon; 4 fore, 2 port, 2 starboard. Fires tungsten rounds, Plasma, Incineration and beams.
  • 7 Cutting beams
  • Thousands of Missles; Several thousand missiles for ship to ship or heavy ground bombardment.
  • 680 Plasma torpedo tubes
    • 20 experimental corrosive torpedos: non-nuclear shield dispersing weapon. Negates shield effects by absorbing energy and releasing it as an explosive particle reaction.
  • 1,428 Broadside Cannons for ship to ship action.
  • One NOVA fleet deterrent device
  • 100 30Mt Havok charges
  • 3,640 M965 70mm anti-air guns
  • 210 of mini-macs; Mounted along the ship for anti-dropship defence.
  • Dual Barrel Hardlight prong blade; The two parts of the ship where the forward cannons are also act as a hardlight ramming blade when needed. 

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