UNSC Asteria


July 2, 2568


In Service


  • 4.1 Kilometers long
  • 966 Meter wide
  • 712 Meters high

Power and Propulsion

  • Two "Boglin" Thermonuclear drives

Faster Than Light System

Specialized Shaw-Fujikawa


  • 13,452 crew and personnel
    • 7,500 Naval crew
    • 5,000 Marines
    • 952 support crew
    • 1 Guardian and 12 Spartan V's


  • 860 fighters
  • 142 Transports
  • 4 Mammoths
  • Many ground vehicles
  • Two Paris-class frigate


Edmund Persie

Artificial Human


Fleet and HQ

  • 8th Security Fleet, Halo 06
    • CSG-5


  • Capital Ship
  • Fleet Flagship
  • Large Scale Deployment

UNSC Asteria (CV-619) is a carrier built by Aerofabrique SA for the UNSC Navy. Work began on her in April of 2565 and was launched on the 812th anniversary of the United States in 2568. The Asteria is part of the 8th Fleet, guarding important stations like the Halo rings. She is commanded by Captain Edmund Persie.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit


  • Armament
    • 3 Super Verthandi
    • 400 (50) Archer missiles
    • 300 50mm M910 Point Defense Guns
    • 50 "Spitfire" Mk. 40 coilguns
    • 40 Pulse laser turrets
    • 300 (35) High Maneuverability missile defense system
    • 14 Plasma torpedo launchers
    • 65 Short Range 4x 23cm Anti Ship Batteries
  • Systems
    • Spectrometer
    • LIDAR & RADAR sensors


Asteria conducted trials for several months before officially accepted into the Navy under command by Vice Admiral Lanba. The Asteria saw little real action and was in a near perpetual state of port stay at Neos Atlantis. Her crews first proper action would be the UCR-UEG war where the Asteria's Longsword supported fleet action. At Earth they would stop the Exon advance in North America with nuclear strikes. Her commanding officer was replaced with Cpt. Persie in 2578. Throughout the end of 2570s Asteria took part in UNSC Naval exercises, engaged Miridem forces, Covenant remnants and recovered a CCS-class battlecruiser.

Asteria received a large complement of VF-30's in 2580, the most of any other ship thus far. From 2578 to 2581 she conducted raids on insurrectionist settlements in support of UEG crackdowns on fugitive colonies.

She is currently supporting the mission of Major Irisdina and conducting an expeditionary mission in Andromeda.