UNSC Asteria


July 2, 2568


In Service


  • 4.1 Kilometers long
  • 966 Meter wide
  • 712 Meters high

Power and Propulsion

  • Two "Boglin" Thermonuclear drives

Faster Than Light System

Specialized Shaw-Fujikawa


  • 3 Super Verthandi
  • 400 (50) Archer missiles
  • 300 50mm M910 Point Defense Guns
  • 50 "Spitfire" Mk. 40 coilguns
  • 40 Pulse laser turrets
  • 300 (35) High Maneuverability missile defense system
  • 14 Plasma torpedo launchers
  • 65 Short Range 4x 23cm Anti Ship Batteries


  • 13,452 crew and personnel
    • 7,500 Naval crew
    • 5,000 Marines
    • 952 support crew
    • 1 Guardian and 12 Spartan V's


  • 860 fighters
  • 142 Transports
  • 4 Mammoths
  • Many ground vehicles
  • Two Paris-class frigate


Vice Admiral Lanba

Artificial Human


Fleet and HQ

  • 8th Security Fleet, Halo 06
    • CSG-5


  • Capital Ship
  • Fleet Flagship
  • Large Scale Deployment
UNSC Asteria (CV-619) is a carrier operated by the UNSC Navy. It is the only ship of the revised Atlas class carrier in the post-war era.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit


The Asteria was launched on July 4, 2568 putting up a show for the United Republic of North America. The following week Asteria ferried off several marine units to hunt down several remaining Spartan-IV's and insurrections cells.


Asteria received a large complement of VF-30's in 2580, the most of any other ship thus far. She is currently supporting the mission of Major Irisdina.

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