The Rogue Wave of spaceEdit

The Hell's Angel is an Exon creation created to take out fleets of UNSC/Covenant forces single handedly. It emits no signatures and has a cloak a lot like the Exon Ghost type. It can tear a frigate in half with three shots from it's proton cannon and is colored black.

Regular weaponsEdit

It is equiped with tons of missles that are state of the art and can penetrate shields and hulls in no time. They have AA, and AAA's as well. The Hell's Angel's shields are decent but it is hard to hit in the first place so they are usually not needed. They also have a number of plasma options on board. Including plasma torpedoes and the proton cannon. These are used to knock out certain systems within the ship.

Biological weaponsEdit

The Hell's Angel is equiped with missles that are designed to peirce the ship's hull and inject a large amount of the extremely dangorous NOVA 7 gas (only certain spartans with HAZOP helments can survive this without dying. due to it being gas-mask permitant) Rtas or Stacker was augmented with NOVA 3. Although that is not the most deadly of the bio-weapons they have on board. The Hell's Angel has what they call "Xeno-Pods". Drop pods with extremely deadly Xenomorph's inside to be released into a ship. These xenomorphs are actually captured and cryogenized by Bad Company before use.

Hunting the Hell's AngelEdit

The UNSC hasn't been able to find documented footage of the Hell's Angel except for one.

Aliens VS Predator (2010) - Marine Intro (HD)03:07

Aliens VS Predator (2010) - Marine Intro (HD)

The Marlow was a UNSC vessel working with a group of marines to see what was going on with LV-246 sadly only 2 marines out of 37 (including the 13 spartans accompanying them) died.

However this shot was taken from Colonial Marines working with the UNSC (Colonial marines from Exon). Why the Marlow was attacked while working with its own forces is unknown. Only 4 marines out of the 17 Colonial marines made it back.

Bad CompanyEdit

The Hell's Angel serves as HQ for Bad Company. This is the reason Bad Company hasn't been routed out yet. Any UNSC personel are advised to steer well clear of this ship even if sighted.

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