Milky Way Galaxy


February 11th 2576 - March 8th 2576

Side 1

  • Unified Earth Government
    • UNSCDF
      • UNSC Navy
      • UNSC Army
      • UNSC Air Force
      • UNSC Marines
      • Colonial Militias

Commanding Officers

UNSC Forces

  • Unknown amount of personnel
  • Aprox. 2,400 ships
  • Aprox. 20,000-26,000 Aircraft
  • Unknown amount of ground vehicles

Side 2

  • UCR Armed Forces
    • UCR Air Force
    • UCR Navy
    • UCR Marines
    • UCR Army
    • UCR Special Forces
  • Exon
    • Exon Navy
    • Exon Army
  • TRM
  • Cineris
    • Cineris Navy
    • Cineris Air Force
    • Cineris Marines
    • Cineris Army

Combined Force Commanders

UCR Combined Forces

  • Between 50 Billion and 80 Billion Personnel
  • At least 10,000 ships
  • At least 100,000 Aircraft
  • At least 60,000 ground vehicles
 The UEG-UCR War was the result of strained international relations leading to the conflict between the UEG and the UCR. 


The war ended under the threat of Earths complete destruction. Most of the belligerent forces ended up signing the Citadel Treaty which ended the hostilities. The war also resulted in the formation of the CGE, NUNS and Systems Alliance.

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