UCR Vanir


North Star Heavy Ship Building


  • New United Spacy
    • UCR Armed Forces


Elysian Class Stealth Assault Cruiser


  • Length (Cruiser mode): 2,411.45 Meters (Docked with carriers)
  • Height (Storm Attacker): 2,786 Meters (Due to tower prongs)


Pin-Point/Full Barrier Mk.VI


  • Heavy ECA Mk.VB
    • Measure GFS-38A2 Energy Resistant coating


  • 9,500 Personnel
    • 5,200 Crew
    • 3,500 Marines
    • 300 Pilots


  • 70 x Variable Fighters (Increased to 178 when docked with carriers)
  • 30 x Dropships
  • 30 x Tanks
  • 40 x APCs
  • 6 x Liason Crafts
  • Many x QF-4000 Ghosts
  • Many x LAVs

UCR Vanir (Hull designation CS(S)-205) is an Elysian Class Stealth Assault Cruiser built by North Star Heavy Engineering in conjunction with L.A.I Heavy LTD for the UCR Navy. She was assembled at Nordland in 2578 and launched in that year. Commodore Blade Mirlo serves as the Vanir's current commanding officer. She is the second ship of a planned 22 vessels.

Technologies and Combat CharacteristicsEdit



  • Armaments
    • 2 x Mark IX/M5 Energy Convergence Cannons (Via docked carriers)
    • 23 x Dual barrel turrets (Houses 46 x Mk.10M2 Heavy Pulse Beam Cannons)
    • 6 x Quad barrel turrets (Houses 48 x Mk.8 Medium Pulse Beam Cannons)
    • Many x Mk.14 Valiant 60mm dual barrel beam CIWS (Retractable)
    • Many x 96 cell missile launchers (Retractable)
  • Systems:
    • Cross-Dimension Radar
    • Search Radar
    • Traffic Control Radar
    • Landing Aid Radar
    • Laser LIDAR
    • Gravimetric Sensor Cluster
    • Active Stealth System
    • Electornic Warfare Suite
  • Power source:
    • Thermonuclear Reaction Heat Pile Cluster
  • Propulsion:
    • Impulse Drive System
  • FTL:
    • Fold Drive Mk.V


After space fairing trials were completed, the Vanir was fully commissioned into the UCR Aerospace Forces and was put under the command of recently promoted Commodore Blade Mirlo as his flagship and the centerpiece of Task Force 74.1, a component of the larger 5th UCR Fleet. The Vanir and her crew first saw action in Andromeda against the Irm'Dreg Combine, the largest of the Vagan Remnants that have renewed the war against the UCR and it's NUNS allies via it's networks of loosely affiliated terrorist cells and their own forces in larger operations. From 2579 to 2581, Vanir participated in Operation Springald and Operation Culverin in the Paves galactic arm of the Andromeda galaxy. After fighting ceased in november of 2581, Task Force 74.1 was disbanded and Vanir remained over the planet of North Point for post battle check up and refit for the remainder of the year. In 2582, the Vanir was assigned as the flagship of Task Force 68.3, which was given the mission to escort civilian exploration vessels to the unknown parts of the Andromeda Galaxy.

In May of 2582, the exploration vessels in the Vanir's task group came across a system of planets, a number of which were inhabited by sapient beings who have managed to attain the technology level for inter system space travel. First contact with what is now known as the Zen System's Alliance went without issue, and gave way for future cooperation in terms of trading between the ZSA and the New UN Government. Some of the crew even managed to get souvenirs from the Saiyan planet of Paradius during this period. As of early 2583, the Vanir is still escorting science vessels in exploration missions, and is due to be relieved by sister ship Asynjur and her task force as escort in March of 2583.