UCR Vanir


North Star Heavy Ship Building


  • New United Spacy
    • UCR Armed Forces


Elysian Class Stealth Assault Cruiser


  • Length (Cruiser mode): 1,611.45 Meters
  • Width (Cruiser mode): 580.20 Meters
  • Height (Storm Attacker): 1,186 Meters


Pin-Point/Full Barrier Mk.VI


Advanced ECA Mk.VB


  • 9,500 Personnel
    • 5,200 Crew
    • 3,500 Marines
    • 300 Pilots


  • 105 x Fighters
  • 60 x Dropships
  • 30 x Tanks
  • Many x LAVs
  • 90 x Destroids
  • 4 x Liason Crafts
 UCR Vanir (Hull designation CS(S)-205) is a Elysian Class Stealth Assault Cruiser built by North Star Heavy Engineering in conjunction with L.A.I Heavy LTD for the UCR Navy. She was assembled at Nordland throughout 2577 and launched in late 2578. Commodore Blade Capelann. The robotic dog Rex is the ship's unofficial "mascot".

Technologies and Combat CharacteristicsEdit


Specifications (2580 Refit)Edit

  • Armaments
    • 2 x Mark IIID Advanced Energy Convergence Cannons (Via docked carriers)
    • 30 x Mk.11 Heavy Anti-Ship Guided Beam Pulse Cannons (3 in 10 three-gun Mk.30E mounts)
    • 60 x Mk.10 Heavy Anti-Ship Guided Beam Pulse Cannons (2 in 30 twin Mk.30E mounts)
    • 90 x Destroid mounts
    • 120 x Mk.14 Valiant Beam CIWS (Retractable)
    • 200 x 96-cell missile launchers (Retractable)
  • Systems:
    • Cross-Dimension Radar
    • Search Radar
    • Traffic Control Radar
    • Landing Aid Radar
    • Laser LIDAR
    • Gravimetric Sensor Cluster
    • Active Stealth System
    • Electornic Warfare Suite
  • Power source:
    • Thermonuclear Reaction Heat Pile Cluster
  • Propulsion:
    • Impulse Drive System
  • FTL:
    • Super Fold Drive Mk.I

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