"Peace Through Strength"

-Countinuity's motto.

UCR Continuity (LF-321) was a Scythe Class Light Frigate operated by the UCR Navy.It found in numerous conflicts and served as the Headquarters of the Circe Unit and the Lynx Unit .The ship was lost with all hands on April 22nd, 2576.

UCR Continuity

Ship Class

Scythe Class Light Frigate


350 meters


120 meters


200 Meters


  • 4 x 3 Beam Cannons
  • 6 x 55mm Beam CIWS
  • 10 x 96 Retractable Missile Launchers



Commanding Officer

Captain Aden Marz

Notable members

  • Aden Marz
  • Azrael
  • Heren
  • Ksee
  • Leria
  • Ryan




UCR Navy



UCR Continuity was built by North Star Heavy Engineering in 2541 for the UCR Navy. The Ship was laid down on June of that year, and completed in March the following year.

New Dawn ConflictEdit

UCR Continuity, along with other ships of her class fought along side Belkan-Ustio forces during the New Dawn Conflict, and was one of the most decorated ships of the war, awarded for shooting down over 150 enemy fighters and 4 Corvettes.

Wraith ConflictEdit

Continuity took part in Operation Sledgehammer, which was the battle to close the Wraith Portal. Continuity was one of the few Scythe Class ships to survive the battle.

Vagan WarEdit

The Continuity saw action in Mako Colony along side the newer Ark Class frigates. After the war,it became the Headquarters of the Circe Unit.

Spec Ops missionsEdit

Circe unit were deployed from the Ship for various missions, often taking them to "Wild Space".


The Continuity saw minor use the UCR/UNSC war. After the war, it was upgraded with new electronics, weapons,and an AI.


After the 4 Horsemen member's, Azrael (Death) cover was blown after a mission, he was arrested and put in the detention block of the ship. While on it's way to the UCR HQ at Wellow, the ship came under attack by the UNSC Pacific. Iona, the Pacific's AI took control of the Continuity's AI and killed the bridge crew by ejecting them into space .Next, the ship was cut in half by the Pacific's hardlight blade, sucking out even more crew members out into space. The 4 Horsemen then boarded the ship, killing any resistance they came across and liberated their imprisoned member. Right when they were leave the ship, they were attacked by the Circe Unit and the 2 teams fought it out, only for Circe to lose and left to die as the Ship's main reactor overloaded and exploded, killing anyone else who were still alive.

Official ReportEdit

Following the ship's destruction, UCR HQ fabricated a report ,stating that the ship was destroyed in an accident involving her fold drive. Despite the loss of the crew of 200 men and women, which angered the high brass who ultimately had to go with the story to avoid another war with the UNSC, in which the UCR would have been at a great disadvantage against at the time.


The UCR Continuity, a recently commissioned Stargazer Class Stealth Destroyer of the Group II subclass was named in honor of the old Continuity and her crew.


  • The Continuity's motto is the same as the USS Ronald Regan (CVN-76).

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