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UCR Black Knight


North Star Heavy Engineering


  • Battleship
  • Training ship


  • 5,200 meters (length)
  • 600 meters (Width)
  • 712 meters (height)
  • 4,800 meters (Storm Attack)


Impulse drive System


Thermonuclear reaction engine matrix



  • SFTL
  • GA Fold Drive


  • 1 x Super Heavy Energy Convergence Cannon
  • 12 x Heavy anti-ship railguns
  • 7 x Heavy Beam cannons
  • 14 x Quad barrel Light Beam cannons
  • 600 M910 50mm CIWS
  • 300 pods x 40 Archer Anti-Ship/Aircraft Missile System Model 78



The UCR Black Knight (Battle-12/BBG-421) was the last of the Mk. I Island class Battleships. It is the most famous for its role in the Adventure Groups actions. Originally the Black Knight was flagship of Task Force Raven following a devestating attack on the UCR capital. She was heavily damaged during a mission when Black Knight had to transport Zack, a highly dangerous monster and scuttled. All of her important UCR components were destroyed.

Later UseEdit

Several years following the scuttling, the carrier was found by UEG forces in good condition and taken in for salvage. The ship still sat in a boneyard for many years until it would finally be restored. It only saw action during the Defense of Earth against the ships former owners and Exon, now a major ally. Today the Black Knight mainly serves as an training ship. In order to function as a training ship, the Black Knight had to be modernized to appear similar to newer Mk. II class and fitted with some reverse engineered UCR systems.

It will be remodel in summer of 2578. The Fallen Angel will be filling in at Luna Naval OCS for several months.

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