UCR Armed Forces

Service Branches

  • UCR Aerospace Forces
  • UCR Marine Corps
  • UCR Special Operations Command
  • UCR Magical Warfare Command


  • Chief Minister

Size (Total)

  • 83,000,000,000 Personnel (Active)
  • 56,000,000,000 Personnel (Reserves)


UCR Government

Part of

Command Structure

Unified Forces High Command


  • Aquila Guard
  • The Children of War
 The UCR Armed Forces is the federal military force of the UCR, consisting of the current four uniformed services, the Aerospace Forces, Marine Corps, Special Operations and Magical Warfare. The Chief Minister of the UCR acts as the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.


Aerospace ForcesEdit

The UCR Aerospace Forces is the primary naval warfare branch of the UCR military, tasked with defending UCR territories against aggressive actions, providing security for merchant shipping, supporting relief operations and project the UCR's power abroad. Additionally, the Aerospace Forces also transport Marine Expeditionary Units to locations where they are needed.


  • UCR Aerospace Forces 1st Fleet - Skyverse (210 ships)
  • UCR Aerospace Forces 2nd Fleet - Sectum Centares Arm (350 Ships)
  • UCR Aerospace Forces 3rd Fleet - Andromeda (200 Ships)
  • UCR Aerospace Forces 4th Fleet - Brisingr Cluster (120 Ships)
  • UCR Aerospace Forces 5th Fleet - (120 Ships)

Unit Organization (Ships)Edit

  • Armada: Largest operation naval unit at 950 combat ships and numerous support vessels. Reserve for times of war.
  • Fleet: Second operational unit at 120 - 300 vessels.
  • Carrier Command Group: Organization unit comprised of 35 to 50 vessels all centered around 4 to 6 fleet carriers.
  • Task Force: A task force is a naval unit of varying size and strength. Usually centered around Heavy cruisers, Battle cruisers and Battleships.
  • Flotilla: A flotilla is a small naval unit comprised between 6 to 12 ships centered around a light cruiser division.
  • Squadron: Operational unit comprised of 4 ships. Also called a division in some cases.
  • Unit; Smallest operational unit comprised of 1 ship.


  • Aircraft Carriers: Aircraft carriers serve as one of the UCR's powerful space faring vessels through their wings of variable fighters. UCR carriers are organized into three different types, Fleet Carriers that measure in lengths of 4,000 to almost 6,000 meters in length, Light Carriers with lengths between 900 and 1,200 meters, with the smallest being the 600 meter to 800 meter long Escort Carriers. While they mainly support the fleet by staying back and using their fighters, most UCR carriers are equipped with an array of anti-ship weaponry if the situation ever calls for it.
    • Astarios Class Fleet Stealth Carrier: 5.8 Kilometers.
    • Aegir Class Fleet Stealth Carrier: 4.5 Kilometers
    • Glaive Class Light Stealth Carrier: 950 Meters.
    • Aesir Class Escort Carrier: 800 Meters.
  • Battleships: Battleships are the current largest and most powerful of the UCR's capital ships, their weaponry, speed, and armor are second to none in the UCR Aerospace Forces. In addition to a large array of weaponry such as missile launchers, beam cannons and point defense guns, all UCR battleships are equipped with one large energy weapon called a Gunship that are almost as long as they are and are capable of independent operations from the main vessel. All UCR battleships measure between 4 and 9 kilometers long, with some earlier theoretical ship designs exceeding 10 kilometers.
    • UCR Lomaya: 15.2 Kilometers (Unique): Formerly known MRN Pride of the Core, a former TRM warship used by TRM rebel forces and taken by the UCR after the civil war. After the fall of the TRM, it was renamed Lomaya and underwent a massive three year reconstruction/repair period. (Withdrawn from service and mothballed as of 2583.)
    • Island Class Mk.III Stealth Attack Battleship: 5.6 Kilometers
      • Island Class Super Mk.III Stealth Attack Battleship: 5.9 Kilometers
    • Island Class Mk.II Stealth Attack Battleship: 5.4 Kilometers
  • Assault Ships: Assault Ships are large vessels that specialize in transporting troops and their equipment to the battlefield and feature enough weaponry to support those troops. Most vessels of this type range between 1 kilometers to 3.5 kilometers, nearing the length of ships classified as Fleet Carriers.
    • Enar Class Stealth  Assault Ship: 3.5 Kilometers.
    • Emphyrean Class Assault Ship: 3 Kilometers. (Phasing out)
  • Cruisers: Cruisers are capital-type vessels that are larger than destroyers and most carriers, and serve as the flagships for small flotillas, leading elements of a larger task force or fleet. The UCR Aerospace Forces have three different classifications of cruisers to fill different niches. First is the fast and highly agile 1,200 to 1,600 meter long Light Cruisers, then the 1,600 to 2,000 meter Assault Cruiser which is simillar to ships classified as heavy cruisers in service with other navies, with the 3,000 to 4,500 meter long heavily armed and armored battle cruisers at the high end of the spectrum.
    • Kestrel Class Stealth Battle Cruiser: 3.5 Kilometers.
    • Elysium Class Stealth Assault Cruiser: 1.6 Kilometers
    • Vyrith Class Stealth Light Cruiser: 1.6 Kilometers.
    • Nymph Class Assault Cruiser: 1.7 Kilometers. (Phasing Out)
  • Destroyers: Destroyers are small, high endurance escort-type combatants that serve as the back-bone of the fleet, supporting larger vessels with their weaponry. There are only two different classifications of destroyers within the UCR Navy. First is the Heavy Destroyer that feature more weaponry and heavier armor at the cost of speed, and the Fast Attack Destroyer, which focus on high speed and maneuverability at the cost of less firepower and armor. However, the Fast Attack classification is due to be retired once the Electra Class are fully phased out as newer and more larger class of destroyers such as the Stargazer posses speed and maneuverability surppassing that of earlier classes of Fast Attack Destroyers.
    • Jotun Class Heavy Stealth Destroyer: 820 Meters
    • Surtur Class Heavy Stealth Destroyer: 780 Meters
    • Stargazer Class Stealth Destroyer: 750.2 Meters
    • Electra Class Fast Attack Destroyer: 600 Meters (Phasing out)


  • VF-171 Nightmare Plus (Mass Production)
  • VF-19 Excalibur (Phasing out)
  • VF-29P Percival (Special Operations/Limited Production)
  • VF-31 (OpFor Agressor)
  • VF-31EX Kairos II (OpFor Aggressor/Limited Production)
  • VF-33 Evolution (Skyverse use/Limited Production)
  • VF-34 Nimbus (Limited Production)
  • VF-37 Sylph II (Mass Production)
  • VF-38 Adriel (Special Operations/Limited Production)
  • VB-6 Konig Monster
  • C-10 Atmospheric-Use Transport
  • C-12 Mutli-Enviromental Heavy Transport
  • C-25 Heavy Transport
  • HK-11 Gunship

Marine CorpsEdit

The UCR Marine Corps is the primary first strike branch of the UCR Armed Forces, absorbing the army branch in the 2578 Reorganization of the military.


  • FV/M61R3 Main Battle Tank
  • FV/M79 Main Battle Tank
Infantry Fighting Vehicles/Armored Personnel Carriers
  • Gil-Feres IFV Beatrice
  • Gil-Feres M200 APC
Light Armored Vehicles
  • Allet Model-77 LAV Family
  • Allet Model-78 LAV
Armor SystemsEdit

Special Operations CommandEdit

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Magical Warfare CommandEdit

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Aerospace ForcesEdit

  • Enlisted
    • Recruit Grade 2
    • Recruit Grade 1
    • Apprentice
    • Petty Officer Rank 3
    • Petty Offier Grade 2
    • Petty Officer Grade 1
    • Chief Petty Officer
  • Officers
    • Lieutenant Grade 2
    • Lieutenant Grade 1
    • Lieutenant Commander 
    • Commander
    • Captain
    • Commodore
    • Rear Admiral 
    • Vice Admiral
    • Admiral
    • Fleet Admiral
    • Admiral of the Navy


  • Enlisted
    • Private 2nd Grade
    • Private 1st Grade
    • Speclialist
    • Lance Coporal
    • Sergeant
    • Field Sergeant 2nd Grade
    • Field Sergeant 1st Grade
    • Gunnery Sergeant
    • Master Sergeant
  • Officers
    • Lieutenent 2nd Grade
    • Lieutenant 1st Grade
    • Lieutenent Major
    • Major
    • Captain
    • Regimental Commander
    • Senior Commander
    • Marshall 
    • Senior High Commander


  • Numerous small scale conflicts between the end of the War of Independence and the New Dawn Conflict (1,549 years ago)
  • New Dawn Conflict (2553 to 2556, small scale engagements with remnant elements occuring up until 2577)
  • UCR Colonization of the Sectum-Centarus Arm (2556 - 2564, primarly against hostile remnants of the Covenant Empire and other groups such as pirates.)
  • Evil-verse invasion (2557)
  • Wraith Incursion (2557. Extermination operations were carried out up until 2561 to fully eradicate remnants of the Wraith armada in and around UCR space.)
  • (Place holder for now)  (2560)
  • First Extragalactic War/Three Month Conflict (2568 - 2569)
  • Second Extragalactic War (2573 - 2575)
  • 2nd Milky Way War/UCR-UEG War (2576)
  • TRM Civil War (2576 - 2577)
  • Battle of the System of the Rising Sun (2577)
  • Battle for Osea (2578)
  • Andromeda Insurgencies (2578 - 2582. Fighting ended with the agreement of the Narema'Arka - North Point Accords)