Tomboy is the title of a young mech pilot currently in training for the UCR. Her name is Rachel Tamar, but she is never referred to as such, only either her rank, or her nickname "Tomboy", which she gets from her short cut hair and her slight male appearance.


Tomboy was a young girl who's family was a standard one; a father who spent most of his time earning their living, a mother who was always quiet and let her children play around the home, an older brother who was in the Military academy, and a younger sister who always tried to learn from her.

However, at age 14, Tomboy's mother was struck with an illness that was deemed incurable. Additionally, her father left them to fend for themselves after he revealed he was having an affair. The only one who could actually support them was her older brother; He placed himself in the most intolerable areas in order to gain what he could to support them.

At age 16, Tomboy met her first love at school. He wasn't real sure how to comfort her or support her, since his family was not a rich one either. They have since distanced each other, seeing that them being together would only make it more painful.

Currently, At age 18, She signed up for the Earth's Military Force. She has spent all her hours studying and training, even when the majority of the other students were teasing her for her low-life status and for her looking like a boy. Her Teasing stemed even from many of her officers, who looked down on her all the time, giving her the most grueling labor and the longest time in training, and the shortest time in eating and resting. With all this challenging her and holding her back, she struggles to advance but refuses to quit.